Why I love New York

I like sex with a man. I can't say why, I do. I first tried sex with another boy when I was ten, I liked sucking his dick and we managed penetration. When I was thirteen I had a neighbor who fucked me every time I went to his house. I went over a lot.

My surprise sex was one day in New York I went to a pizza parlor with a friend and a couple of guys hit on us. The waiter, walked up to me when I went to the bathroom, and told me he could do a lot better than the guy hitting on me. I agreed to meet him later, when he got off.

I waited outside for the waiter to get off and we went to a party place, all the cock you could want to see, and in the flesh fucking. I lowered my pants for him and I got fucked in the main lounge with the music pounding. It was a surreal experience, the lights and sounds, and the other mingling dicks and asses, and I was getting the best fucking I had ever had.

We left there and went to loft at a private party and we made out and I got down to give him a blowjob, and my my, what a nice cock he had, and to think he used that cock to fuck me. We went to his place, he roomed with two other guys, and we got in his bed and fucked the rest of the night.

I'm just telling you about one night in New York. In my home town in Ohio you're lucky if you see one queer on a night out.

Feb 23

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    • Great story!! What a night.

    • Any rim jobs ?

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