I am a 22 year old engaged girl. I have been with my fiance Mathew ever since I was 14 years old and he is the only man I dated in my life. Unfortunately for me, he does not want to have sex until we get married and that makes me a virgin.
Last time I got really horny and so I got the vibrator I have kept in secret, put it inside me and put my clothes back on and continued my work. I got wild just a few minutes in and I began squirming and moving on the chair. I picked my phone, placed it against my laptop and began filming myself at the thought of sending it to my fiance in hope to get him get a move on! I removed my top and my bra as I kept moving wildly on the chair. I finished, got my panties and shorts soaking wet and I was exhausted. I loved the idea of having the camera on me watching me become a mess like that. I saved the video and began searching through my contacts to find my fiance's number.
Scrolling down I noticed that I had a lot of his friends and coworkers numbers still in my contacts (he lost his phone once and used mine for a few days til he bought a new one).
I do not know what took over me but instead of selecting my fiance's number I selected a lot of his friend's numbers and sent the video to them.

Needless to say I had planned to play innocent and pretend that I selected their number by mistake in case one of them decides to reply. They did reply...but not the way I expected. Most of them ignored the fact that I was their friend's fiance and kept telling me how sexy I looked, others said that they wanted to grab my boobs while others even said that they wanted to fuck me. I felt good, horny and sexy since my fiance never said those things to me. But I did not reply to any of them and I let it go.

Two weeks later I saw the video while deleting some pictures from my phone. Once again I got horny and I knew what I had to do. I set up the camera set my fiance keeps and placed it in our bedroom. I got completely naked and turned the camera on. I got on the bed and began fingering myself, rubbing my tits and moaning. I took out the vibrator again and rode it until I could not handle myself anymore. After I was done I saved the video, transferred it to the phone and once again sent it to my fiance's friends.
It seemed as if they all talked between them about the video as less than 15 minutes later I received a group chat request on facebook from all of them which I saved.
I was wild. With some more encouragment I turned on my cam. They either blocked their cameras or turned it off but I knew that all their eyes where on me. I was still naked from the video I took and chats began coming with requests on what they wanted me to do. I spent almost an hour complying to their requests and orders which varied from shaking my breasts to taking different positions while fucking my vibrator. When I looked at the time I knew Mathew would be home soon so with sadness I told them I had to turn of the camera and leave. I locked my facebook and my laptop and cleaned up so that my fiance would suspect nothing.
When I logged in again that night while Mathew was sleeping I found a new chat forcing me to be ready to video chat when even one of them wanted to.

In 7 days I took over a hundred photos and videos of myself per their orders and I video called with them at least twice a day. They where forceful and I video chatted with them in public bathrooms, in my car and even during the night while Mathew was asleep. Each time they told me to be ready for whenever they wanted more.

After a whole week of me being a total whore on camera for them one of them wants more. They request that I go to a place at a specific time and date with specific clothing. The day is in two days and Mathew is at a business trip with his boss miles away. I was hesitant at first but yesterday I agreed to it after they said that they would put my videos on the internet if I do not comply.
I am worried but I am more excited. I wonder how they would take it when they find out I am a virgin.


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  • Mathew sounds like a prude, but doesn't deserve this shit. Just break up with him and go do your thing.

  • Do Mathew a favor and break up with him. That will happen eventually when he finds out (and he will).

  • Can you send me some pics

  • I hope your fiance finds out, he deserves better.

  • You are going to be filled with cock baby, be prepared to have your pussy filled with cum.

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