Living a bit of a double life

OK, here I am. I'm thinking of everything that's gone wrong. I went to a good school, got into a good college, got a good degree and I have never been able to get a good job. It got so bad that I took a job as a housekeeper for a recently widowed man. I was 27. He was nice enough but thought it odd that I was doing that as a job. I told him it had room and board the salary made it better than working retail or other entry level clerical jobs.

When he found out that my social circle was strictly gay women he told me that he didn't approve of that and I should move out. Get another job, he didn't care, but not in his house. I played the homophobic card and he said you bet you I am, queers have no business in life. I told him I wasn't a queer, I was a lesbian.

The months went by, I kept the lesbian stuff away from the house, I went out but didn't tell him I was at a lesbian club, and even when I did hook up I made sure I was 'home' early enough. I also started to dress and wear my hair and nails more like the girl he expected me to be. You are a girl, dress like a girl. I did.

One day at breakfast, part of my job was fixing breakfast and sitting with him and cleaning up afterwards, he asked me if I had ever thought about being a woman, like a real woman, one that wants to make a man happy. I told him that it had never really crossed my mind, and he was the only man that I behaved that way with. He wanted me to make him happy in the bedroom and foolishly I let him overtake me and do what he did to me. It was my first time, having sex with a man, and it convinced him that from then I was going to be a woman and make him happy.

It's been a long time now, I'm 37 and I live with him, still his housekeeper and midnight romp around partner. He looks forward to the nights I'm in bed with him, he doesn't allow the word lesbian or gay in his house and he has never met one of my lesbian friends. I have an elven o'clock curfew designed to keep me at home with him. I have a lesbian lady friend and we see each other during the day, she works nights at a hospital. There are days when I see her during the day and I sleep with him that night.

I won't leave him or move, he has me right where he wants me and I'm content and happy there. My lady friend and I have our relationship, off premises of his house, and we work off our lesbian desires. I am cheating, as far as that goes. As far as he is concerned I am a woman now and take my cues from him.

Feb 14

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    • I also live a double life. I am a married conservative male
      I also absolutely love sucking cocks and getting screwed in the ass.
      It's hard to balance the two.

    • I had housekeeper just like you lol

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