Could my wife be a lesbian

His it possible my wife would like to be with a women , The few times we have watched porn I noticed she was more interested in girl on girl . If I asked her what she wanted to watch she said she didn't mind , But she would say go on a bit further has we was watching the film ,Until it came to a lesbian scene then She would say this his ok. One of her friends his a lesbian and she told my wife she fancied her , My wife told me this she said it felt strange knowing a woman fancied her , Then One day she was drunk she told me if she was that way inclined her best friend his really nice . The girl that fancies my wife thou told me if she wasn't married she would try it on with my wife . Do you think it's a fantasy or does she want to go with a women .

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  • I really believe most women are bisexual, it's easier for women because women are better looking and more sexually appealing. For a woman to have sex with another woman is way more socially acceptable than a man having sex with another man. Lose your jealousy and insecurities and let her experience sex with another woman. It can also be a good thing for you to.

  • His not possible has she his too iffy about pussy

  • I’m betting, given the opportunity she’d play.

  • You could be right I'm not sure thou

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