I have a pee fetish

I am a bi male who loves sucki g cock
I also occasionally like getting peed on, and yes in my mouth.
I have a fwb that I suck regularly. Today, he sent me a picture of himself in the shower
I suggested we fool around in the shower.
I hope he will pee on me and in my mouth

Feb 16

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    • I saw a scene in a movie called "forced entry" where after an intense pounding and shooting his load on her face guy grabs her by the hair and pulls her in the bathroom. He put the side of her head on the toilet seat and told her what dirty nasty girl she was while he pissed all over her cum covered face. I love cum, piss, forced sex,.. I've yet to get all three at once.... but fuck that's hot and I want it! The hardest thing is to find a man that will degrade me. Rough...ABSOLUTELY but humiliation and degradation no man I've been with yet will go that far.

    • I just took a bath and peed on myself

    • Update: I'm talking with a guy online. We are planning on meeting in March. We are going to get a room. He is going to pee on me, then I will suck him and get screwed by him
      I can't wait

    • It is so hot my husband and I went to a hotel and meet a guy we talked to on line my husband only watched as the guy pissed all over my naked body then I sucked his very large dick as her licked my pussy then he fucked me do damn hard I could not walk after that he pissed All over me and left my husband came over and pissed on me also then reclaimed my naked bidy

    • I am meeting a guy in March that is going to pee on me, then I will suck him

    • Wish you was meeting me

    • Years ago I hooked up with a guy who had a pee fetish and he always wanted me in the shower so he could piss on me and have me drink his pee. It was unbelievable how much he could pee at one time and he was able to control his piss and stop and start over and over again. Once I was covered in his piss he would fuck my ass. In the morning when he had a piss hard on I would give him head and when he was ready he would push my head down and let his piss go right in my throat so it didn't make a mess in his bed.

    • I like that after anal! Leave it in til it goes soft and then piss in my cum filled ass!

    • I would love this except pissing down the throat. I don't swallow other people's pee.

    • An ex of mine had been drinking all night and we were about to have sex so he stood up to go pee and I said hurry back. He said if you drink it I don't have to leave. I've had it my mouth before so I thought no big deal. Idk when the last was he pissed but I swear I drank a gallon of it. I had a stomach ache for two days! But I never told him that lol not saying I wouldn't ever drink any again but definitely not a drunken bladder full ugh

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