I want to see my friends wife naked

I have wanted to see what my friends wife looks like naked for years. We are both married and I have even mentioned to him before I’d show him pics of my wife if he showed me his but it was a big hell no from him. We are all in our late 20s and they have been together longer than me and my wife. I have tried to peek down her shirt, look under her door and everything in between but haven’t had success yet. I’ve imagined her tits and pussy for years and I really want to see. I’ve even thought about drinking with them and get her sloppy drunk and try to see something. As bad as this sounds I’d like for her to pass out drunk and me be able to pull her shirt down or pants down just to get a peek.

1 month ago

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    • My first wife was short, barely 4'6" but she made up for that in being stack, her "B" cups looked enormous on her 93 pound body.
      My buddy always took a long look at her, one day on a few beers he told me he really wanted to know what she looked like naked.
      So, I told her to do a strip tease for us, we sat in our living room while my wife peeled down to nothing, then laid down and spread her legs.
      A week later, my buddy showed up with HIS wife, returned the favor, we ended up swapping for several years, even going on vacations with each other's wife.
      His wife liked to camp, so did I, my wife like resorts, so did he, it worked out great. One thing, we both have two kids and one of his has red hair, just like me. The rest are all sandy colored hair, the one girl is a brunette.
      None of us know who belongs to who and we don't care.

    • I had a friend at work and we often talked about our wives and our sex life. He was always very complementary of my wife. He asked if I had any naked pics of her and if so he would bring some of his wife. I told him I did have some but wasn't sure about sharing them with him. The next day he came to my office and laid a large envelope on my desk. Inside was several photos and a VHS tape. Obviously, they were from several years back. I took them home and showed them to my wife. She was like wow he really gave you these? I asked her if she wanted to watch the video and she said sure. It was strange and exciting seeing our friends having sex. We were both turned on and had some of the best sex of our life that night. Afterwards I asked her if she would mind if I took some of her sexy pics to my friend. She wasn't sure at first, but finally agreed. Her one request was that he only look at them in my office and they were not to leave my possession. I promised her the would not. At work the next day, when he stopped by my office I told him to close the door. I gave him the envelope and when he opened it thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head!. He thoroughly looked at each picture and made comments about how sexy she was. I found myself getting hard watching and listening to him. When I got home that evening, the first thing my wife asked was "Did he like my pics?" I told her he went crazy over them and told him some of the comments he made. She just giggled. Later that night when we got in bed she asked me if he really said those things. I said, "Yes he did. He thinks you are sexy as hell!" She began kissing me and and rubbing my cock. We were soon naked and she mounted my rock hard cock. As she was, riding me I made comments like I bet Larry (the friend) would love for you to be on his cock right now. I bet he his at home jerking off thinking about you. That put her in overdrive and she came hard and fast. It definitely took our sex life to the next level.

    • Ok. You're not in a college fraternity any more. You're in your late 20s living in the grown up world. Move past the binge partying and wet t-shirts.
      If you want to see her naked, you will need do some pre-planning and possibly some spending $$ on your own.
      Reading your post, I'm taking a big chance by assuming both couples have not been married too long and are without kids. PERFECT! This is the time young couples plan a vacation together. You can rent a cabin in the mountains or the beach. The only requirement. It must have an outdoor hot tub with a private view of the beach or mountains.
      Have plenty of wine and a few joints on hand. After a few drinks and hits on a joint. The women will be thrilled to remove their tops. Next, a little game will get the bottoms off. If your friend finds your wife attractive, you can suggest a swap.
      This is how my wife and I got into swapping/sharing 20 years ago and we've never had regrets.

    • We both have kids and they have been married a little longer than me and my wife. He is def not gonna be into anything like that bc just the way he is with her. I will have to sneak a peek is pretty much the only way.

    • Your wife looks like a mangy weasel.

    • He might have choked on that last part,,,,"and then he gets to fuck your wife!"

    • The guy is in his late 20s, I think the part that scared him was 'possibly spending your own $$'

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