I am attracted to my step dad and i want him bad but he' straight

So my step dad has been in my life for 5-6 years and i can out to him and my mom at 14 and ever since then i’ve had this urge to just want to pounce and have him destroy me and treat me like a brat but he’s straighter then a plank of wood. Now mind you when he’s drunk i’ve caught him staring at my ass but i’m sure it’s just him being drunk. I just can’t stop thinking about him. It doesn’t help i’ve seen his dick and it’s thick and long if i had to take a guess when he’s completely hard i’d say it’s probably 7-8 inches and god i just want it so bad but i know id never get anything from him. how do i satisfy my desire i mean what could i do to help please help me before i do something stupid

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  • First learn how to write. Second don't do anything. Third cut your balls off so you can never reproduce.

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