I had visited lady friend and wd been drinking smoking weed and I was falling asleep and asked if could crash on settee she said yes and got me a duvet I undressed got under and was chatting and at some point passed out well had phone call about 8 am and sat up and friend was still awake sitting opposite on other settee and had silly smile on face I said good morning you looking happy she smiled more and said I done naughty thing while I was sleeping I said ok want to talk about she said no but can watch this video and passed me her phone I started watching and see she was exposing my body pulling duvet aside and then was just looking at my naked body I thought but she then put phone on coffee table and now could see she was bottomless and at end settee I was passed out on and with 1 leg on settee arm rest was rubbing herself and soon see her orgasm she sat down for while relaxing then put her bottoms back on and coved me up and I had no idear she was so naughty and enjoyed the video

9 days ago

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    • I took my wife Jill to her favorite ritzy restaurant. The place makes her wet walking it. She wants too look perfect in her little black dress, so she drives naked with her perfectly iron dress on a hanger. Truckers see her and beep -- she says I signed up that. She did some poll dancing for Xmas money in college. So she's immune -- me too movement passed her by. During dessert she says I'm going to suck your dick. "We won't be allowed back.".. "In the Explorer, dummy -- not here." I drop my pants, she put her dress back on the hanger. Sucking my dick we hear "you sure show a guy a lot of appreciation -- instantly -- for some surf and turf." - A young lady has her head in our window. "it's my husband. I'm allowed." she says slurred because my hard big dick is still in her mouth.
      Lady: "naked adds a nice touch,, don't cha think?"
      Jill: Take notes -- Advanced Blowjob 325 -- Professor Jill Hussy
      Lady: seriously -- can I watch till the end -- i love this.
      Jill: enjoy
      Lady: You really know how to suck dick, My BF says i suck like a nun. ... oh my oh my -- he's cuming in your mouth -- your head actually recoiled. Get the fuck out,,, thank you and goodbye.
      An hour later Jill says we should have gotten her phone number -- that was fun for all 3. Never to be seen again.

    • My sister in law caught me changing with the baby monitor. I was swimming and someone was in the bathroom so I went to change in their room. When I was saying goodbye she gave me a hug and said thank you for the show. I asked what she meant and she said she saw me naked on the monitor and that I had a nice cock.

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