On The Senate Floor With Nancy and Joe

Just shot my wad. Closed my eyes and imagined Speaker Pelosi on the floor of the senate pegging President Biden in front of her entire caucus. Her caucus was cheering, laughing and chanting “Let’s go Brandon!”
She was naked and he was on his knees with his suit pants pulled down.
Nancy yelled don’t laugh too much Chuck your next.

4 months ago

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    • Bet more dumb asses would watch c span if it were like this, you know worth watching

    • You watch cartoons only. You keep rooting for Wily Coyote.

    • Tubby Trump was beaten like a rented 72 Pinto. Your orange god is near bankrupted, begging for money in 30x a day emails. And all you have is bisexual fantasies.

    • Trump is still living rent-free in your otherwise vacant cranium.
      Bet you’d nibble on his mushroom.

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