Secret part 2

She then climbed to her knees, slipped her hand behind my head and kissed me. Not a quick peck on the cheek, full on the lips. Totally caught off guard, I hadn't known what to do.
She'd pulled back, examining my face, seemingly puzzled.
"You don't like?" she then asked.
I'd taken a quick look around, no one seemed to have seen her attempt, much to my amazement.
"I like, but Nadia. You're a bit...." I then paused.
How old was she, anyways? Old enough to want a kiss, obviously. A grownup kiss, at that.
She had taken the initiate again, pressing her lips pleasantly into mine. I then returned her kiss, and reasoned that it was no big deal. Maybe where she came from, a kiss was a way of thanking someone who had done something nice for you.
At that time I felt her tongue dance across my lips.
I'd tried to pull back away from her, but her hand at the back of my head prevented me from breaking off the kiss. Her other hand then slid down my shirt and across the front of my shorts, deliberately.
She'd found my stiffness through them and traced her fingers lightly along my length. She had groaned into my mouth, redoubling her kissing efforts. As much as I had known this was a bad idea, I had found myself returning her kisses as she stroked my aching boner through my shorts with practiced ease.
Finally, I'd been able to break off from her wonderful kisses to survey who might be watching. Her mother had lay as before, not seeming to have moved an inch. The other people around us hadn't seemed to notice that this tiny woman was giving me a handjob through my shorts.
Then Nadia had pressed her lips into my neck while continuing to stroke me. The feel of her sucking on my neck had nearly driven me insane. I then grasped her by the shoulders and tried to push her back. She had been strong for such a tiny thing, it had taken more effort than I'd thought necessary to get her off me. Either that, or I'd been more affected by her touch than I'd realized.
"Nadia, stop. We can't," I'd said.
She'd stopped stroking me through my shorts, but still had a firm grip down there. Her impish smile had spoken more than any words could.
"You like," she'd purred.
It had been difficult to argue against that. If I hadn't liked what I'd seen or what she had been doing to me, it wouldn't feel like both fire and ice had been poured into my crotch, simultaneously.
"Nadia, I'll get in trouble if we do. Do you understand?" I'd croaked.
Her response had been to lean back into me, lick my neck up to my ear and suck on my lobe while maintaining her viselike grip on my pecker. Sweet Jesus, I was going to explode in my pants if she didn't quit!
Fortunately for me, she had relented, releasing my throbbing cock and letting go of my earlobe. She'd leaned back, taking my right hand in her left and slid it along her taut, flat belly. With her other hand, she then pulled the waistband of her bikini bottoms outward. I hadn't been able to help myself, I looked down and saw that she not only had no tan line, but no pubic hair either.
"Nadia," I'd started, but couldn't finish my protest as she'd arched her hips forward, sliding her smooth, dripping sex against my fingers. She'd arched her head back and gasped. Then she had looked deeply into my eyes.
"I like," she'd breathed, "You like?"
All I could do was nod as she had ground herself against my palm, her tiny bump had slipped across my fingers. She'd leaned forward again, kissing me hungrily, her tongue had found mine. I'd kissed her back as my hand became slippery with her wetness. I then stroked her protruding bump with my middle finger, producing a gasping moan from her that our kissing muffled.
Afraid that someone had heard her, I had stopped what I was doing and broke off our kiss to look around again. No one seemed to have noticed that I had my hand down the front of her swimsuit, although I'm not sure what anyone who had been looking could've mistaken what we were doing.
Nadia had been panting and shaking, close to her release. It had probably been cruel of me to stop, but the risk of us getting caught had seemed huge to me.
"Please, please," she'd whispered, rolling her hips against my hand again. Her crotch had been sopping, her protrusion sliding along my middle finger again. Her big blue eyes had looked into mine as she'd panted. She'd pulled her full lower lip into her mouth and was biting down on it.
Sure that no one was watching, I then began to slide her button across my fingers, covering her mouth with mine in case she would cry out. Her body had jumped each time my fingers danced across her bump. She had given out several sharp cries and began to shake, followed by a prolonged groan. Her slim hips had bucked and somehow even more of her juice gushed onto my hand.
She'd arched her head back, breaking off our kiss as she then leaned back on her right arm, gripped mine with her left and forced her smooth sex upward. I thought she'd cry out, but all she did was gasp as her body spasmed uncontrollably, her face red. Finally her throes had subsided and she then let go of my forearm. I had then withdrawn my hand from of her bikini, and left a wet trail along her tight tummy.
She'd collapsed back on the towel, legs spread outward as she continued to gulp air. Eventually, her breathing returned back to normal. I'd looked about, certain someone would notice her odd position next to me, her suit covered crotch plain for everyone to see. No one had seemed to, though.
Eventually, she had sat back up, leaning back on her arms, not in a hurry to close her legs. She'd given me a long look, then spoke.
"You want?" she'd asked, indicating her splayed crotch.
I then looked around. As much as I wanted to, there was no way we could get away with screwing where we were.
"Can't," I'd explained. Then I pointed to the other people, then to my eyes. She'd looked thoughtful for a moment, then got to her feet.
"Come," she'd said reaching down for my hand. She then rattled something off to her mother, reached into the purse nearby and withdrew a key attached to a large plastic card that had a number printed on it in gold.
We'd walked hand in hand off the beach, towards where a few ramshackle motels stood. She'd walked up to a door that had the same numbers printed on it as the key, put it in the lock and turned. The door then opened squeakily into a small room with two queen sized beds, a small table, and a dresser with a television on it. Along the back wall was a large mirror with a sink.
As I'd closed the squeaky door, and placed my camera on the table, Nadia proceeded to strip out of her scant bathing suit, leaving it in a pile on the floor. Ten seconds hadn't even passed before she stood naked in front of me in all of her slim glory, without any tan lines. She had reached up to unbutton my shirt.
Once I had been standing next to her in this type of situation, I realized exactly just how small she was. If I'd wanted to kiss her I would have to crouch down. She'd kissed my chest as she undid my shirt, flicking my nipples with her tongue. A shiver then ran along my body as she had pushed my unbuttoned shirt off my shoulders, onto the floor.
Her hands had deftly unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, and she then slid them, along with my underwear down my hips. My cock had sprung out at her, freed from its confines. She had seemed rather pleased with herself, leaning forward to plant a kiss on my throbbing purple tip.
"Come," she had said, taking me by the hand and leading me into the bathroom. She then turned on the shower and stepped in to the warm waterfall, pulling me in next to her. For a few minutes we just enjoyed the warm water on us but eventually Nadia had slipped her hands around my neck and pulled me down into a passionate kiss.
My boner had pushed against her flat upper tummy and lower chest as she slid against me. My hands had wandered down to her tiny tanned rear, rubbing, caressing. We continued to explore each other's bodies. At that time, Nadia's hands caressed my dick. She had to use both to completely encircle my shaft.
I'd marveled at how experienced she seemed, knowing right where to grip and how to rub. She also had held my sack and rolled my balls around as we made out under the warm water.
I then decided to lift her up and line her crotch up with my cock as she held on around my neck. Nadia then expertly guided me inside her, causing us both to cry out in pleasure as my bulbous head popped into her tight tunnel. Her long legs had rested on my forearms and I clasped my hands together across her petite bottom
I'd thought she wouldn't be able to take my entire length, but she surprised me. I had slipped deeper and deeper into her until I could feel her tiny button pressed into my pubic bone. Somehow she had taken my full length inside without any problems, grinding herself against me as we continued to kiss.
I then withdrew from her until only my very tip remained trapped in her. She had moaned as her tunnel attempted to tighten around me and prevent my escape. She had seemed almost frantic to keep me in her.
She didn't need to worry as I then drove back into her gripping sex, not stopping until her clit banged against my base again. Her cry of satisfaction had been music to my ears, and I joined her. The slap of our meeting skin had filled the small tile lined bathroom as well.

10 days ago

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