My wife gives me a black girl for my birthday.

My wife and I got into swinging soon after getting married when we were 18. We lived in a small conservative town so we'd go out of town every weekend. Sometimes it would be to hookup with a couple and swap wives. Other times we'd go to an adult theater where I could watch my wife get gang banged by a group of strangers. Usually while a couple of guys would be taking turns on my thick 9" cock until I'd shoot a load down one of there throat. Or we'd pick up guys in the hotel bar for a threesome. And my sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long red hair would always take every opportunity to expose her sexy body.

We'd been into the lifestyle for several years and had gone out of town on my birthday. She'd put on one of her sexy outfits and gone down to the bar to let guys see her and I'd come down later to try and arrange a threesome. She'd been gone a while and just as I was about to go down I hear the door being unlocked and look, expecting to see a guy she'd picked up for a threesome. But I was in for a surprise. There was a young black girl with her with a fantastic body. She had long straight black hair and beautiful black eyes and the sexiest body I'd ever seen, which included a pair of long sexy legs and fantastic tits that were almost bursting out of the top of her tight, low cut dress.

My wife Lynn knew I got really turned on by having young black girls suck my cock but had never witnessed it. And she knew I'd only fuck a black girl if she was really, really hot and young. At the time we were in our mid to late 20s and this girl looked to be in her mid to late teens. As they came in the door Lynn said happy birthday and the girl got a big smile and in one of the sexiest voices I'd ever heard Shasta said said hi sweetie, happy birthday. And she got in a really sexy pose and said guess what Lynn got you for your birthday? I didn't know what to say. But Lynn spoke up and ask I'f I'd run down to the store and get us a bottle of wine? And I could tell by the way she said it there was more to it so I said sure & left.

I was gone about 20 min and when I got back both of them were on the bed naked except Lynn had on a black garter belt & sheer stockings and heels, and Shasta had on a white garter belt & sheer stockings & heels. And they were laying facing each other as they looked up at me. Both with a seductive look on their face. Lynn ask if I mind sharing my birthday present? And of course I said sure. She told me to sit & relax for a while and she'd moved a chair facing the foot of the bed. I sat down and watched as Lynn started to kiss Shasta as she gently fondled her big tits. Shasta seemed like she was enjoying this but was nervous. But after a while loosened up and started running her hands over my wife's sexy body.

I learned later that Shasta was bi-curious, but had never done anything with a girl. And when Lynn saw her downstairs she'd tried to go in the bar hoping they wouldn't ask for I.D. but they had and Lynn had seen her in the lobby. It turned out she liked white guys who were a little older than her and that's why she'd gone there. She still lived at home in a bad area and all the guys there were on the fast track to prison and she wanted a better life and hoped to go to college. She never said anything but I was guessing she might be into prostitution and was hoping to find a generous John there.

But when Lynn started kissing her she seemed to really be getting into it. Soon she was sucking on one of Lynn's tits and was moaning like she was really having a good time as Lynn fingered her pussy. They took turns sucking each others tits and kissing as their hands explored each others bodies. I saw Lynn whisper something to her and Shasta said, no absolutely not. ( I learned later Lynn had asked if anyone had fucked her that night). Then Lynn went down and started to eat Shasta's pussy. I could tell she was loving having her pussy eaten by another girl for the first time. And this was turning Lynn on. As well as me. I was so turned on watching them, but I wanted to have some fun with this beautiful young black girl. But when they got in a 69 I knew enter fearing then wouldn't go over well. So I undressed and played with my cock as I watched.

Once they both had an orgasm they just laid back to catch their breath and when Shasta saw me looking at her while I rubbed my thick 9" cock. She gave me as sexy look and said " does daddy want to come play ? " Oh shit the way she said that got me so turned on. I climbed on the bed and the girls moved a little so I could get between them. I kissed Shasta and it was like electricity going through me. And when I took one of her firm young tits in my mouth I felt her hand wrap around my cock. I sucked her tits and after a few minutes she gently pushed me back and was looking right into my eyes and said it's time I please you daddy. And she slid down and started sucking my cock.

She licked & sucked my balls and the shaft and gradually took it deeper & deeper in her throat until she was taking all of it. Lynn had moved down and was caressing Shasta's tits & sexy ass. And was coaxing her along as she gave me one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had. And she could tell I was getting really excited. She stopped and moved back up and looked in my eyes and in her sexy little voice asked " do's daddy want to fuck Shasta? " . I didn't have to say anything as I'm sure my smile said it all. I moved down and slid my cock inside of her surprisingly tight pussy. I fucked her like that as Lynn fondled her tits. Then I rolled her over onto her knees and got behind her. As I was getting ready to fuck her doggie style I got a surprise when she said she'd never been fucked in the ass. Then like before in her sexy little girl voice said " be gentle fucking my ass daddy". I still didn't get the daddy part, but it did turn me on. But I said it was up to her but I'd never want to do anything she wasn't ok with.

She didn't hesitate and said no I want you to because I can tell you'll be gentle. I hadn't planned on fucking her in the ass but I wasn't going to turn it down. I got some stuff called anal ease and some KY-Jelly on her tight little hole and put a condom on for the first time. I took my time easing my cock in and could tell it was still uncomfortable for her, but after a few minutes I knew she was starting to enjoy it. I gradually picked up my pace and shoved my cock deeper & deeper in her hole until I was pounding my cock into her virgin ass. And she was almost screaming when she started saying " Oh Daddy, Fuck My Ass Harder ". and repeated it over & over. And I had no doubt if anyone was in the hall or a room next to ours they could hear her. But it actually turned me on. And I kind of wished I'd had an audience watching me fuck this beautiful young black girl in the ass.

But I didn't want to waste my cum in a condom so I started to slow down and I pulled out and rolled her onto her back and straddled her and put my cock between her big black tits. She'd never had her tits fucked before but loved it. She knew I was about to cum and Said " Yes daddy shoot your cum on my tits daddy, cover my tits with your cum daddy" And I did. I covered those big tits, stomach, and face of that beautiful young girl. And she was saying" yes daddy shoot your cum on my body". As soon as I was finished Lynn started licking up every bit of my cum. But instead of swallowing it, she waited until she had a mouth full and she and Shasta started swapping it back & forth in each others mouth until Shasta finally swallowed it. Then said" Daddy your cum tastes so good".

The girls kissed & sucked each others tits some more and finally all three of us had just kind of passed out on the bed. We all actually dozed off for a while and Shasta and I woke up about the same time and I was surprised when she said that was the best sex she'd ever had and how Lynn and I were really great. We were looking in each others eyes and she whispered to me asking if I'd fuck her again? Lynn was really out cold so we moved over to a big padded couch and I sat on the couch and she straddled me. As she rode my cock her big tits were bouncing up & down rubbing against my body and turning me on even more. So I started fucking her with all I had. And again she started with the " Oh yes daddy, fuck me had and fill me with your cum". I was fucking her like a machine as deep & hard and fast as I could. And she had an orgasm about 30sec before I shot my load deep inside her pussy.

We just laid back and held each other and I asked her what the thing was with her calling me daddy? And she said a guy had asked her to say that and she'd said it to a couple of other guys and it seemed to turn them on. So she just started saying it. By then Lynn had woke up and came and sat with us. It was getting late so Shasta & Lynn took a shower together and Shasta got dressed. It turned out the garter belt she'd had on was Lynn's. But Shasta looked hot as hell in it. Lynn surprised me when she asked Shasta that since it was my birthday could I take a picture of her. She thought about it and I really thought she was going to say no. But she said OK, I took a few pictures of her just in the garter & stockings. Then of her totally nude. A few of her & Lynn kissing and holding each others tits and a couple of Shasta and I kissing with both of us nude.

22 days ago

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    • I wish somebody would give me a negress.

    • She didn't so much give her to me as share her with And that made it even hotter.

    • Can't you buy them, though? Like at an auction or something? I think they have them at auctions in port towns.

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