Special Delivery

I've posted several experiences my wife and I had years ago when we were in the swinger lifestyle starting when we were first married in the 70's at 18yo and were in the lifestyle for over 20yrs. After that we had a few threesomes with guys/girls we knew well and 2 couples. But it's been about 10 years since we've had any sexual experiences with others. That is until a couple of weeks ago.

My wife Lynn was out of town and I'd ordered some groceries which I had delivered as we've been doing since Covid-19 started. There were a couple of different delivery drivers that had been delivering to us. But my favorite was a black girl who looked to be in her mid-twenties named Vanessa that I'd always jokingly flirted with, and she'd always flirted back. She was really nice and when I'd given her a pretty big tip once when I found out it was her birthday a couple of months ago she'd given me a big hug. She has a fantastic hourglass body and long straight hair. And feeling her big tits pressed against me gave me an instant hard-on.

In out flirting we'd joked about how if Lynn went out of town I'd have to order lot's of stuff. And Lynn was there and just laughed about it and said maybe she needed to take a trip. When I placed my order a couple of weeks ago I was hoping she'd be the one delivering. Not that I thought anything would happen but just because I liked joking around with her, and seeing her in her skin tight jeans and low cut tops without a bra. When the doorbell rang I was happy to see it was her and she was looking hot as hell. As usual I started my usual game of flirting with her and it surprised me when she said she'd talked to my wife the week before and had heard she was going out of town.

I said that she'd gone to visit family and was gone for the week. I of course had to tell her that meant we had the house all to ourselves. Vanessa got a sex little grin an said well aren't you going to invite me in? So I stepped to the side thinking it was us just joking. When she came in I still didn't think much of it until she closed the front door. She stepped up close and pressed her lips to mine. I got rock hard in an instant. At 65 it still doesn't take much to get my motor running. As we kissed I had my hands on her hips but soon my hands went to that sexy ass of hers and started groping her firm round ass. And she was rubbing my cock through my sweat pants.

I moved my hands up and pulled her top up over her head and got my first look at her big tits and as I fondled them couldn't get over how this 20 something black girl was doing this with a horny 65yo white guy. But was thanking the lord she was. She pulled my shirt off and started licking and gently biting my nipples as her hand slid inside my sweats and wrapped around my thick 91/2" cock. I undid her jeans and with her help pealed them off of her as they were so tight they were like a layer of skin. As she kicked them away I saw she was wearing a very sexy pair of black panties. As I slid them down I told her how sexy they looked. And I don't know if she was serious or not, but she said she'd worn them hoping since my wife was out of town I'd call in an order.

Then she told me she'd also made sure mine was the last delivery she had that day. She looked so damn hot, like a work of art come to life. She wasted no time in going to her knees as she pulled my pants down. When she wrapped her hot mouth around the head of my cock I thought I was in heaven. And I started fucking her hot mouth & throat. She sucked & licked on my balls as she stroked me. Then stood up and took me by the hand and started leading me away from the foyer and asked where the bedroom was. Soon we were on our king size bed and she pushed my head down. I was more than happy to go down and eat her sweet young pussy.

She obviously was enjoying it as she had a wild climax. She rolled over beside me and guided my head to her big tits. After sucking those huge firm tits for a while I couldn't resist and straddled her putting my cock between those beautiful tits. She held her tits together as my cock pumped between them. She surprised me when she said she'd been wanting to be with me for a long time. I asked why? And she said there was just something about me that turned her on. And said Lynn always seemed really happy and just the way she acted when I was flirting was like she'd be ok with it if I did fuck her. I was on my back and she straddled me as she guided my cock into her surprisingly tight pussy.

Those big tits were hanging down and rubbing against my face getting me even more turned on. I was pounding that tight little pussy of her's for all I was worth and finally emptied my load inside her. She went straight down and started licking & sucking my cock until she'd gotten every drop of my cum and her pussy juice off. I couldn't resist asking if she'd ever had a threesome with a couple and she laughed and said my wife had asked her the same thing. But that she just wasn't into girls. So I asked if my wife knew what she was going to do? And she said sure she did. Then said as long as the opportunity came up.

We layed there for a while and I told her about some of our past experiences. And it seemed to really turn her on. And they included the 1st time Lynn was with another girl and how much she'd enjoyed it. After that she said she might have to think about that. And if she did decide to do it an older experienced woman might be a good way to try it. So who knows if that will ever happen or if I'll ever get to fuck our sexy black delivery girl. But it doesn't matter as I'll always have that memory.

3 months ago


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