Sexual massages with younger cousin

My cousin was much younger than I when she asked me to hang out with her a nights. Because I had a car, she'd ask me to take her to the mall and movies, but she'd always want me to watch TV in her bed with her after I brought her back home. Her parents would be asleep by 10pm, and one day she asked me to massage her. I gave her a long massage and felt awkward because touching her budding body was turning me on and I didn't want her to notice (or someone to walk in while I'm massaging my little cousin while she was wearing tiny shorts and a small top). She would moan softly with her eyes closed and would pretend to be half asleep, but when I would move to her inner thighs, she'd spread her legs slightly and breathe a little heavier. I got carried away one night and when she spread her legs while she was laying on her stomach (how she usually laid when I'd massage her), I let my hand move up and brush up against her crotch, outside of her shorts. But the shorts were made of thin material so I felt the outline of her lips. The fact that she didn't stop me or say anything turned me on even more, so I started touching her there more and more, and she eventually let me go underneath her panties and put a finger inside her. We did this almost every night, for years, and her parents never seemed to care that I was laying in her bed with her with the door closed, "watching TV" with her. She and I never talked about it directly, it was just a thing we did together that we both enjoyed. I guess what turned me on the most was that she was obviously awake but pretending to be asleep, even when I would jack off while laying next to her. I was able to make her cum when she was "sleeping" by fingering her, and a few times I was bold (and horny) enough to come on her body instead of into her bedsheets. She and I are close still, but we've never talked about those few years we had fun in her bedroom at night.

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  • Same pedophile who wrote " Love Much Younger Girls " in sex confessions. He mentions this younger cousin in that post, he just leaves out her age in this one. May hand and dick cancer befall you, and soon !

  • You should talk to her. She may want more?

  • She's older now and in a relationship with a guy, but about a year ago she asked me to come over when he was at work so we could play Xbox, but we ended up just reliving our past massage thing, lol.

  • Oneday she may become single and perhaps you two can get together.

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