Wife can't get enough

I recently found out my wife has been meeting up with a past lover and fucking him on the weekends. According to the wife. It doesn't count as cheating if she doesn't sleep with a new guy. She says that his dick has been inside her already so it doesn't matter when or how many times they fuck anymore because she can't get unfucked. I think that is good logic. I'm going to meet up with a past link with my wife's logic. If Melissa has sucked my dick before then it's perfectly fine to get it sucked again.

14 days ago

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    • My wife would try to make me jealous by telling me about how when she was out shopping she got hit on by some guy. I’d always say, “Did you fuck him?” And she would say, “Well no. I’m married.” I’d say, “Then it doesn’t matter.” She’d say, “Just want you to know other guys still want me.” A couple years ago she came home and said, “I was at the store and a guy hit on me.” I said, “Oh yeah. Was he hot?” She said, “He was kinda cute.” I said, “I’m not worried about a kinda cute guy.” She said, “What if he was hot?” I said, “Depends. Do you want to fuck him?” She said, “I’m a married woman.” I said, “Not what I asked. Did you want to fuck him?” She said, “Yeah, I’d bend over for him. Sure.” I said, “If you see him again and he hits on you again tell him you are married. If he doesn’t care and keeps at it, then fuck him.” She said, “You’d be ok with it?” I said, “You keep on telling me about all these guys that hit on you like you want me to be jealous. If some guy gets you all stirred up, fuck him. Go home with him, get naked and ride his cock. Make you cum hard then make him cum hard….in your pussy…bareback. Then come home and show me the load.”

      In a way I was calling her bluff. In another way I wanted her to come home and show me her freshly fucked pussy full of cum so I could get naked and add my own load. Two weeks later she was doing the weekly shopping. She sat down the groceries and went to the bedroom. She got naked and called me in. She was on all fours and his load was coming out. I took off my shorts and pounded her pussy better than I ever had.

    • My wife was always very friendly with her old boyfriends. While we were dating she would fuck them since she loved that they had bigger dicks than me. I accepted that she would fuck them and since I wanted to marry her I accepted that she would fuck her old boyfriends. What surprised me was that she fucked about 15 men who she claims that she fucked before me. I thought that there only about 5 so I was very surprised.

    • Try to have a child with both of them to teach them a lesson

    • Nothing wrong with that it's just sex. My wife has been fucking other guys for years now. Yes I am home alone alot . But when she comes back home we fuck like teenagers. He fucking other guys takes a lot of pressure off of me to keep her satisfied all the time.

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