Wife got fingered behind the beer tent

My wife has always had a thing for her exboyfriend. Something about him that she just can't say no to. Only reason she's not married to him is because he's a player, and refuses to settle down. We had the town festivities last weekend. Friday night we were at the park drinking with everyone else when my wife said she was going to the beer tent to get another beer. I was waiting and waiting, but she never came back. I go to the tent looking for her, but she's not there. So I ask one of the guys working the tent if they saw her. They said she had stepped out back with her ex. I go walking out the back, down between two truck trailers, and find my wife bent over with her dress pulled up, panties off, and her ex with his fingers all up inside her. He had his dick out, and I'm assuming he already had fucked her or was just getting ready to. They both quickly composed themselves when they saw me, and he tried apologizing like some damn idiot. She of course claimed they hadn't fucked, and he only had his fingers in her. She says she was just about to stop it right before I walked up, but I don't believe that for a second. There is no doubt she has never stopped fucking him, and would have fucked him that night had I not interrupted. I actually think it's kind of hot that she's getting her pussy fucked. That's why I don't leave her. It always makes my dick rock hard whenever she goes missing for a couple hours and doesn't answer her phone. She's never more than a few seconds away from talking to someone on her phone, so if she doesn't answer for an hour, I know it's because she probably fucking.

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    • Now I'm writing a country song called "Wife Got Fingered Behind the Beer Tent"

      It's really good

    • My wife has done it for years. She always has unexplained absences where she doesn't answer her phone. Then she uses excuses for why she was unavailable. She can go to Walmart and be gone 3 hours, returning with only a couple items. There is no way she's in Walmart that long. One time she said she was going to her sister's house an hours drive from us. I called her phone, no answer. I called her sister's phone, no answer. Finally after a couple hours of trying, I drove to her sister's house. Her sister was sick in bed with the Flu and had the ringer off on her phone. She hadn't seen my wife or even talked to her. I went back home and she finally showed up at 6am. When I asked where she had been, she told me her sister and her decided to go out for drinks and must have lost track of time. When I told her I drove to her sister's house and she was sick in the bed with the flu, she started a fight with me and stormed out. The only ONLY reason I say is for my kids. Once my youngest turns 18 and moves out, I'm right behind him.

    • When I was first dating the woman I would eventually marry, she and I obviously had two separate houses. We had been dating for about a year and I was more or less living with her fulltime. But one day she wanted to go by my house and check on it. I thought that was odd, but we stopped anyway. Obviously it was a mess from me not living there, so she tells me I should spend the night at my own house and get it cleaned up. I told her I would come back that weekend and clean, but she was very adamant that I say and clean that night. At the time I never thought anything about it. But years later I would find out that she had plans to spend that night with her exhusband, and needed me out of the house and distracted while she spent the night fucking her ex. We almost split up over it, but I got even by having an affair with my coworker. What comes around, goes around bitch.

    • My sister in law is like that with her main ex. They were together when they were very young and had planned on losing their V's together. It didn't work out and he held it against her. To teach her a 'lesson' he slept with most of her friends. She broke up with him and then they got back together.

      A cycle emerged where when they were together he'd cheat on her with her friends. When they'd break up she'd cheat on her new boyfriend with this ex.

      The man that became her husband got her to break the cycle, dumped her ex for good, marry and move away with him. Only he wasn't as successful has he thought.

      They use our place to meet up. Officially she comes by to visit her sister, my wife, and her ex magically shows up to visit me. I seldom hear of it as we barely know each other.

      Since my sister in law lives in another state, the visits are rare, so it is more of a "Same time next year," kind of thing. Every time she does visit, that ex seems to magically appear and together they disappear into our guest room for hours to the whole weekend. If her husband wasn't such and A-hole I'd have ruined my home as a hook-up spot for my sister in law years ago.

      This has been going on for over 20 years now. Its not my business but I wonder why she didn't just marry the ex in the first place.

    • My wife cheated on me with a black guy. He treated her like shit. Just used her for fucking . He even had his friends fucking her. She kept going back to him for years. She said that she couldn't help herself. Every time she went to him it was the same thing. All he wanted was to use her pussy then told her to go home.

    • She knows why she was born! Fuck toy nothing more! My wife is the same! I love watching her get pounded!

    • Thats why God make the Black Man
      To fuck your white pussy

    • I thought they were made to pick our cotton.

    • Yeah and they did a shit job and complained all the time (even though it’s an easy job compared to a white mans job like being a crab fisherman) so we had to just put them all on welfare

    • I love a naughty wife or girlfriend

    • Good girl! Should have watched them fuck! I bet she'd let him blow inside her!

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