Kissing wife

My wife doesn't like come in her mouth and the few times that she has sucked me she has always finished me off with her hands. I have developed a desire for her to have come in her mouth. I have started coating my lips with my come after I masterbate. Then I will go to where she is in the house and kiss her. Knowing that she has tasted my come makes me so horny. I was being careful since she has noticed a different taste when we kissed. She asked me what I had eaten and I told her that I had just had some cream cheese on a bagel. I thought that she wouldn't find out since I thought that she had never tasted come. But evidently she did suck some of her boyfriends and they must have come in her mouth. Now she doesn't want me to kiss her anymore.

8 days ago

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    • My wife loves to suck my cock and especially swallow my cum. She always sucks out the last drop. I love kissing her after so I can taste my own cum. She says it taste's yummy!

    • My wife sucks it out.
      While we were dating we had the discussion of spit or swallow.
      She didn't understand the 'spit' part and said, 'I'm not going to all that effort just to spit it out!'
      I married her!

    • Dr oz
      I’m afraid I ruined your wife with pint size loads of asparagus tinged chunky thick semen. Sorry!

    • Dr. Oz called. He is going to refer you to a proctologist to help you locate your head.

    • My wife loves it suck my pre cum I love kissing her after. She taking my load in her mouth a few times

    • Sorry to hear that she doesn't like cum in her mouth. My wife will get mad if you pull your cock out of her mouth and not give her your cum. She says that if she does all that work sucking cock she deserves the cum. And I always kiss her afterwards. And not just for the taste of the cum which I love but to show her love for what she just did for me. Guess I am a lucky guy that I married a woman that loves sucking cock. I also know that she has sucked other guys off when she goes out with her friends. At night when she is getting dropped off by someone she's spends an extra 15 or 20 minutes in the driveway. She will come inside and kiss me hello and I can taste the cum on her lips sometimes she will have a little cum on her hair. I am happy that I married a cock sucker.

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