Talked wife into it

So been married 15 years my wife is 36 don’t wear make up always dresses plan shy personality which is one of the things that attracted me too her her personality sorta reminds me of Rockies wife off the movie. She is short 5 foot nothing sexy body but wouldn’t know it by way she dressed. I don’t always go unless she really ask me to I usually go golfing but she attends church regularly because her parents do I think is only reason. So after 15 years sex gets routine so we start changing it up some. Oh when we are in bed she does get super horny
And one night we got talking about our sex life she asked me what I would like to try.
I told her I have fantasized about her with another man. It took me almost 3 months of basically grooming her to the idea. She would get so embarrassed not angry when we talked about it talking about it really spiced up our sex life. So the conversation led to who would she like to try it with. She didn’t reveal it straight away but she told me guys she has fantasized about all 3 were married two went to her church. So she confesses she has fantasies about Tom who is in her bible study class. So when they had it at our house she told everyone I was at work. To make a long story short. She many times get Tom to stay longer. To help her out chairs and stuff away . It actually was easier than I thought she started off by telling Tom she need to confide with someone someone that she could share stuff with so he was willing to listen and she talked about everything with him as I watched from my truck on camera.
She didn’t know about camera she thought she was just going to tell me about it.they end up in like 15 minutes were fucking on couch. It took me a minute to realize this was not the first time.
So long story short when she they were done he got dressed and left she called me said I could come home.
When I got home I asked what happened she said nothing she flirted with him some but he didn’t seem interested.
So we go and I fuck her cum soaked pussy and didn’t tell her. Since I have discovered neither my camera she is fucking all 3 she had mentioned
I’m the sec life is good I really like the fact she is sneaking around it’s a big turn on for me and honestly I don’t think she could look at me if she knew I knew.

14 days ago


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    • I met Tracy at one of the school games, out of state. She was divorced 3 times, 4 kids with 3 different fathers. Thought she was a good Christian women, always going to church, volunteering, also twice a week with bible study. It only took about 5 months after moving to Oklahoma and building a new home for us, that I noticed things. I called a few friends from LA to give me a hand and follow her. She never did anything at home. Never dressed provocatively barely showed skin. Turns out bible study was read a passage and move onto sex, shopping was okay meet in the parking lot for sex, then purchase something quick, she was sleeping with all 3 of her ex husbands, kids school coach, a few of the kids friends. When I confronted her, she said my girls friends would be happy if you joined us, I said they’re all ugly and fat. I moved back to LA. Good thing I didn’t marry this one

    • I always thought that my wife would cheat on me. She had sex with a lot of men before we dated and I figured that it would continue even after we got married. I put cameras in our living room, play room and master bedroom. Less than six months into our marriage, I had witnessed her being fucked by six men. Now that we have been married for over 30 years, I have videos of her being fucked by around 200 men.

    • Great church going people there - all fucking around behind their spouses back. SMH

    • You need to tell her that she needs to be completely honest with you, that your marriage depends on it. Tell her that you know something is going on, but not what, and see if she is honest with you. You can share her and your marriage survive, but not if she is fucking around behind your back. That is unless you enjoy being an unknowing cuckold.

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