Outstanding engagement

My wife and I have been married 9 years. In that time she has worked at the same job. It’s mainly office work but some house calls. She isn’t a supervisor but also not just an ordinary worker. For as long as I can remember, she has had an outstanding engagement with her boss.

For the first few years, she will leave on Xmas eve a few hours after dinner. She will say, “I’ll be back. I gotta go take Rick’s Christmas present to him. The first year I said, “Why didn’t you just give it to him yesterday at work?” She said, “Well, I don’t get something for everyone and I don’t want ppl to think I’m playing favorites.” That part I totally understand. So, she is usually gone a couple hours. It didn’t even cross my mind to worry about it until 5 years later.

So 5 years into our marriage, she was getting dressed on Xmas eve to give Rick his present. Then I noticed that she had put on (first) a white leather corset looking thing and no panties. She continued to dress and I said, “No panties tonight?” She said, “Nah. The ones I wanted to wear are in the washer.” I said, “Kind of a sexy outfit to be dropping off a present.” She said, “I like to look good.” I said, “What is this present you are giving your boss?” She said, “Some things are better left unsaid.” I said, “What is it?” She said, “Me.” I said, “I don’t understand.” She said, “We have sex once a year on Xmas eve. I offered it as a part of my pay raise and promotion.”

So I just got home from work (present day). She asked when we would be back from doing Xmas eve stuff with my family. I told her we didn’t have to stay late. She said, “Ok cause I have my thing with Rick.” I said, “I thought he quit.” She said, “He did but it’s kind of a tradition.” I said, “You look forward to this?” She said, “Well yeah.”

I’ve met him. He doesn’t know I know what they do. He’s a pretty good looking guy. He’s probably 15 years older than she is. I can’t help but fantasize about the two of them having sex on Xmas eve.

26 days ago

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    • Fuck that!

    • That wouldn't fly in my house

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