Sharing my young wife

When me and my teen wife moved to a new flat we met our next door neighbor a fat hairy old man aged 77years old,we noticed that he never had any visitors he explained that he was widowed and his son lives abroad,and his siblings were passed away,so the only visits he received was from meals on wheels,so at Xmas we decided to invite him for Xmas dinner and drinks after,I know my young slim, petite natural tan long black hair hazel eyes,when tipsy gets turned on and starts teasing and flirting with old men,so I said what if she gets horny while she is drinking,she said she was not going to drink much,I fantasize about watching my wife being seduced by old man and watching her being taken by old man,so the next door neighbor arrived,he had a present for my wife,she thanked him, kissing his cheek,she will open it after dinner,we had dinner the oldman said to us hope I don't mind but he didn't know what to buy so he got her some sexy underwear,my wife blushed,I laughed and said that is ok, anyway he complimented me on having such a sexy hot wife she has a nice horny body,wife drinking more,gets tipsy,I said why doesn't she put on the outfit I bought for her,a red Basque, tartan miniskirt, red belt, and lacy white see through panties, suspenders and stockings,my wife is only turned 18,and has a body of a 14year old,so she comes through,and I asked oldman what did he think,he started to sweat , saying if she was in his bed she would be sore next day,I put on music, started to dance slowly,I kissed her neck knowing that really gets her wet,then started to grope her bum, pulling up her skirt to show off her tiny bubble bum, asked her if oldman dance with her,she said yes,he hugged her tightly,slowly dancing with her,then slipped his hand up between her legs and was touching her,she just let him then she sat down sitting between us,I started to kiss her, pulling the old man's hand to her legs, pulled them open ,she had one leg over my leg,the other leg over him,I just told him that this is his Xmas present to unwrap, completely,I got camera and filmed her having the most horniest time,we still have him over,and one of his old friends has joined in,we are both enjoying the fun

10 months ago

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