I Just like it.

I can't help it; I really get off when some guy sees my wife naked. The problem is, it is so difficult to find a situation where it can happen.
My wife doesn't get overly excited but gives in, because she knows how turned on I get.
So, the last few years, I look for guys that do massages on outcall, and that also is tough to find one that will work like that due to silly laws and worry about losing their license.
Then I found massage exchange, it's a website for people looking for massages that are naughtier than those in the profession.
So far we have met six different guys, all were OK, but the one man named Gary is not only good looking and well built, but he knows what he is doing.
All the rest do mostly looking and some touching, Gary had my wife's legs as wide as they will go and two fingers inside and she was bucking and moaning like I never have seen before. At the last session she was rubbing his groin back through his clothes, that is way more than we have ever done. I talked to her about that, she apologized for getting carried away and said it wouldn't happen again, but she also acted sad about that, I could tell.
I asked her if we weren't married, would she sleep with him, she said probably.
He is coming over next Saturday night, and I am thinking she might just go to the next step. The idea excites me and upsets me at the same time.

1 month ago

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    • Let her be free and see what really excited her, it will stimulate you both. Let her be touched, let her experiment and show you how dirty she can be.

    • I love to see your wife,s nude pics superglideme@yahoo.com

    • My wife and I were into swinging for 20+ years and before we got married I'd have never thought either of us would ever even consider kissing another person. And being a preachers daughter in a small very conservative small town she had always dressed in a way to play down her figure and wore her long red hair pulled up. And wore the bare minimum make-up.

      I'd bought a new camera and I decided to play a joke on my wife Lynn. While she was in the shower I went in and pulled the curtain open and pushed the test button on the flash giving the impression I'd taken a picture of her naked. As expected she got mad and chased me out. After her shower she was in the bedroom for a good while.

      I was shocked when she finally came out wearing a garter belt & stockings and heels with a see-through housecoat open in front. When she said if I wanted to take dirty pictures of her she didn't want it to be in the shower with her looking like a drowned rat then started getting in sexy poses.

      But I was afraid the next part would ruin things when I told her I'd have to get the film developed and they'd see the pictures. I knew we couldn't do it local and quickly said I could send them way out of town but someone would still see the pictures. She said ok but seemed nervous, but as we waited and she thought about it I could see she was getting turned on at the thought.

      When we got them they'd turned out great. Within 3 months we wen't from taking more & more pics and ordering sexy outfits. To Lynn dressing sexy on little trips out of town and exposing herself to strangers. And finally to us showing the pics to a friend and having our first threesome. Soon we were having more 3 somes with other guys.

    • I like to see her nude pic,s yo please

    • Let her fuck him you will enjoy it very much. Then you can fuck her cum filled pussy it feels so good.

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