I really have no idea of what to do

My wife is 33, she has always managed to stay in good shape because she goes to this gym which is only about 3 blocks from out house.
I went with her a couple of times, but for me, extra exercising is silly since my work is construction. I lift and carry heavy stuff all day every day.
One day she mentioned she was getting massages down there, I asked her why, she said sometimes after working out she would be sore and it helped. So, I didn't think anything of it, until one day I was in the back yard and my neighbor asked me who the guy was that came over every Wednesday.
I had no idea, so I asked my wife, she told me he was the massage guy and he was free lancing now instead of working at the gym, he made more money that way and was saving up for college.
OK, floored me, but I still was not suspecting anything really, our State has all sorts of laws about the profession. But, I sneaked a tiny little camera in there, a few days later I watched 45 minutes of very sexy naughty stuff, it looked like a porn video. So now what? Do I admit spying on her, I already know she will respond with that accusation. The battery ran out before they were done so all I had was the touching stuff, but that kid sure as hell was not missing anything. I don't know how to deal with this, I don't want to kick her out, but I do want her to stop.

1.1 years ago

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    • Just keep crying and wringing your hands you dopey sap !

    • Agree with last post and would add why not ask her why she doesn't think you could provide her with adequate vaginal massage. She's hurting your relationship and throwing away money.

    • Show her the video and tell her she has to stop with him and then ask her what is missing in your sex life that you could improve on. Most women like their clit licked until they cum, then they like to get fucked in that order.

    • Just come home on a Wednesday and catch her in the act.

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