My young wife's friend said "my hubby wants to eat you!"

He really did - and his wife got off on that fantasy big time.

Back in the 70's my wife & I lived in student housing in Mass.
We were in our 20's. Some time later my wife confessed to this affair.

Her best friend, who lived with her husband in a nearby apt. slowly introduced my wife to the idea that her husband really had the hots for her, big time! The girls used to exercise in their apt. and he always watched them rolling about on the floor in their short-shorts, sometimes getting into very suggestive poses....and he often teased my wife about the color of her panties that day, etc. It became obvious to my wife that her friend got off on the idea of watching her husband flirt with her. (my slim blonde wife was rather more attractive than was his chunky wife)
One girl's-night-out evening - my wife's girlfriend wondered aloud what would happen if each wife went home and climbed into bed in the dark with the other's husband?
They giggled - and got even more randy with drink - went home and did not swap beds that night. But the idea was planted. (we both got a great lay that night - without knowing why)
My wife found her best friend's husband to be very sexy - and after hearing that he was "big down there, can last forever...and is very very good with his mouth down there on a girl!" she began to fantasize.

One night we had them over - and after some wine my wife put on some music and danced with me. While dancing she whispered that the girls had thought we might play stip poker this night.
I said, "really?" - looking at his wife who was dressed like she was going to a PTA meeting - long dress, blouse, sweater, stockings, shoes, etc., etc.
While I'd also noticed earlier that my wife was barefoot, bra-less under a thin T-shirt, and wearing crotch-cutter flowered bellbottoms over bikini panties. One hand lost, and she would be showing naked breasts, or standing there in her bikini panties. While his wife could last until dawn...before showing anything of interest.
The girls swapped partners. His wife danced primly with me.....while I noticed my wife being led into our darkened dining room.....and eventually noticed that they were kissing passionately, with his hand between her legs.

I truned off the record player and started cleaning up the living room. They eventually emerged, red faced and smiling.
My wife tried to fuck me silly that night to erase what I'd seen. she almost did.

One w/e when I was out of town on Army Reserves duty - the girls had another evening out - got drunk and went home to their apt. My wife stripped down to her T-shirt and bikini panties - stood in the darkened doorway of their bedroom while her friend woke her husband, pointed to my wife, and said "you have to agree to do to her - whatever you're gojng to do to me tonight!"

He wasted no time stripping my wife, throwing her on their big bed and burrying his face in her crotch! My wife said they had sex "all night". I said didn't you get sore. She said, ", no. He kept me very wet with his mouth - between going in me."
The girls both rode him together at the same time - taking turns on his face and penis.
And she said he finally came explosively in my wife - while pounding her from behind as she lay on her stomach when his wife urged him over the top by sticking her finger in his butt as her husband fucked her best friend - without a condom.
My wife said that the day I came home he had joined her in the kitchen that morning , lifted her T-shirt, pulled her panties down with his teeth and eaten her standing up to a massive orgasm.

This whole thing came to an end when his wife discovered that these two were falling in love with each other. Sex was one thing - losing her husband was a whole different story. They suddenly moved out of state - then I learned why.

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    • Just married in the 70's my wife complained that clubbing was more fun when I was her boyfriend. Guys would dance and flirt with some guy's girlfriend but not his wife. So we took the rings off and she was right. She had a much better time. I didn't mind, I have left feet --as they say, and she wasn't going fuck them.,Heck it took me 3 dates to do that. She started wearing more slutty dresses, And I caught her making out with some football player. She said sorry, I was smitten while drinking.. We're now saying we're just friends from work. We answered an ad for a ski excursion. bus, lodge, lift tickets...It's a big cabin. - we play friends from work. Me and some stud fucked my Sally every which way 2 nights in a row. I thought what a fun wife, as long as she's not like this with people we know. Maybe a trusted buddy who will share his wife with me. week later she says she took this too far, and thanks for not scolding me but never again. She hasn't had her ring off since. Wish I had a video of ski weekend.

    • Sounds very hot, and very familiar. We got married at 18 yo in the 70s and my wife had always been very conservative in how she dressed and acted as we lived in a very small christian town and her dad was the preacher there. Once we got married nothing had really changed as far as her dressing in a way that hid her sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body and she wore her long red hair pulled up. Then one night I played a joke on her when she was in the shower I went in and pulled the shower curtain open and pushed the test button on the flash to my new camera. She chased me out thinking I'd taken a naked picture of her.

      Looking back it was the best idea I ever had. When she got out of the shower she was in the bedroom for a long time. I figured still fuming thinking I'd taken a picture of her naked. I couldn't believe it when she came in the living room in a sexy garter belt & stocking, a see-through housecoat & heels her long red hair hanging down. She hardly ever wore even light make-up. But she'd painted her nails and put on dark red lipstick and dark eye shadow. It turned out one of her cousins had given her all of that for our honeymoon. But she'd been afraid I'd find it too slutty. Then I'll never forget what she said that changed our lives. She said if I wanted to take dirty pictures of her she didn't want to look like a drowned rat in the shower.

      After that night she started to love dressing sexy at home or out of town and became an exhibitionist. We took pictures once a week and went out of town regularly for her to expose herself. Within a couple of months we started having MMF & FFM threesomes, then wife swapping with bi couples, gang bangs etc. And were full fledged swingers for over 20 yrs.

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