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So where to start, I am married 48m and my wife has weaponized sex over the course of our 20 year marriage. I hardly ever get it in fact she has witheld over the last 4-5 years. Over the last 3-4 months I have opened up my discussions with my wife letting her know I am not happy and have been considering a separation. To cope with the lack of attention I started hitting strip clubs when I travel for work, and there is one abotu 1.5 hours from home that I have been to about once every month or so. I had met a dancer at another club who had me give her back and shoulder massages and eventually gave me a lot of tips things she liked. I would pay but she would get pleasure from it. So back to the one I stop by fairly regular, there was a younger dancer about mid to late 20s, blonde maybe 135 lbs and about a b or c cup, very pretty. She tlaked me into a lap dance and during it she complained about her neck hurting then I started in massaging her neck, then shoulders and abdomen. She commented that flet very good and she ahd never had her abdomen massaged it was different and she loved it, well it didnt take long and she all of a sudden shuttered and got goose pimples. She said she would remember me and wanted me to stop in and see her again. I know they all say that so I thought nothing of it, well the next time I was in agian she offered a dance and this time said her calves were sore I massaged them out on the floor but in the back she said her hip was bothering her which I also massaged. I also did her abdomen again, she moaned a little during which I thought was an act. The she said she would play me for massages, I kind of laughed not thinking she was serious. We ended it there, then on the next trip again a massage in private and her hands were also exploring me on this as well as the prior trip, then she did something I never expected. She grabbed my phone and entered her number in it, said next time you are in town text me. Well I didnt think much of it, thought she was looking to get me in the club again, well I transferred the number to my back up phone which I only use for a wifi hotspot. That phone resides permanently in my work vehicle. Well fast forward to this week I was passing through and sent a text said hello, she asked who it was and I said "your massage therepist" her response was Great! I am off today and then asked if she could call me. I let her call and she gave me directions to her place. I was a little nervous driving over but what the heck. I went over and she met her was just in leggings and a sports bra said she had just gotten home from the gym. We sat and talked some and then she said it was ok and asked me to massage her neck and abdomen as she was tight in the tummy and neck. I did those as we sat on her sofa and she ended up straddling for the abdomen as well then she said her legs were sore and I said it woudl be ok if she wanted to lie down, I massaged her some and after a few minutes shwe said she needed to use the restroom and asked me to wait. I did and when she returned she was wearing only her panties and had taken off her top, she said that she trusted me not to get too carried away and I was always respectful in the club so she knew she could trust me. I went back to her massage and I was rubbing her legs and thigh area then hips inside and out, she said it was ok she knew I always avoided that area in the club because of bouncers. Well as I was rubbing the inside of ehr legs she lifted her bottom to my caresses and then she removed her bottoms. her hand also started rubbing my thigh and over my crotch. She also moved my hand so I was rubbing her private areas and as I did something came over me I leaned in and she kissed me pulling me down. We ended up making out, she admitted she has came from me touching her and said she would give me what I have been denied by my wife for so long. I suddenly got a little spooked thinking wow she is so young and is this a set up? well I can say she did still give me something for the massage and there was a little bonus she also gave me. We did not have sez because I was not prepared for that, but she has said she would gladly pay me for the massages any time and would love to grab dinner some time. By the way so cliche but she said she is working there because her original career plans were for a job she hated and has gone back to college.

2 months ago

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    • My friend. I live in Vegas and i would need multiple hands to count all the strippers just like that lol
      One was 55 and i was 40 and she gave me her number after first lap dance. Second one, at the same club, 19 and the same thing happened.
      I saw them regularly for over 3 YEARS! and yes i was married too

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