Twin sister

Rachel and I are twins and the oldest of 7 siblings. Our father is an ordained minister. The weekend before Thanksgiving, mom and dad decided to take the rest of the family to visit our grandparents. Rachel and I had exams at school on Friday so we had to stay behind. We were giving firm instructions to not have friends over.
After school on Friday, Rachel was in the parking lot with Noah. He offered to drive us home so we wouldn’t have to ride the bus. I also was shocked when she invited Noah inside to have dinner with us. I didn’t want to be the ‘bad guy’ so I sent my sister a reminder text that we can’t have visitors. I told her Noah’s an arrogant jerk lacrosse player with a reputation for having sex with ‘easy’ girls at school. Plus, he has a girlfriend and her name is Katie!
Rachel pulled me to the kitchen and whispered. She begged me to be not tell mom and dad. She has a lab class with Noah and thinks he’s a nice guy. She knew about Katie but she didn’t have exams so her family has already left town for the holiday.
Rachel said Noah had been secretly asking her to hang-out but she also knew mom & dad would never allow it. This morning he asked to drive me home so the two of them could Netflix and chill because he’d heard our parents were gone and so was his girlfriend Katie. I could tell by Rachel’s voice that she was excited!
She offered to cook dinner and they could watch a movie on Netflix afterward. She said if it would make me feel better, I can watch the movie with them and ‘chaperone’. LOL
She promised to return the favor for me one day. It all sounded harmless, I couldn’t say ‘no’ so I agreed.
Rachel’s a great cook. She made lasagna with bread sticks. Noah and I played Minecraft while it was in the oven. I thought he was pretty cool.
Rachel came to my room to tell us dinner was ready. I noticed she’d changed clothes and no longer wearing the jeans and sweater she’d worn to school. She looked like she was going to church. She’d fixed her hair and put on red lipstick and makeup and wearing a dress. However, she was wearing the short dress that’s caused many arguments with Rachel and dad. He will not to allow her to wear it anywhere and told her numerous times to toss it. She was also wearing pantyhose with heels. After we ate, I helped Rachel with the dishes while Noah looked for a movie on Netflix.
Noah picked “A Boy called Christmas” and Rachel was excited. I watched 10 minutes and couldn’t get in to it. Plus, Rachel had removed her shoes and Noah was rubbing her small feet. I message my friends and went to my room to start an online game.
An hour had passed and I’d finished my game. I could hear the movie still on but the volume was loud. I walked to the kitchen. As I walked past the living room, Rachel was straddling Noah on the couch. I could only see the back of Noah’s head and Rachel was facing him. She was leaned back looking at the ceiling while moaning in pleasure as her body was slowly moving up and down. The front of her dress was unbuttoned and her bra was exposed. I noticed her pantyhose and panties laying on the table with an empty condom package on top of them.
It was apparent Noah’s penis was buried deep inside my sister and they were having sex.
It would have been embarrassing for everyone if I’d interrupted their moment so I went back to my room.
I went back to the kitchen once I’d heard the TV volume lower and the bathroom door close. Noah was acting like nothing happened as we talked. I glanced around and noticed the empty condom package was gone and so were the pantyhose and panties.
Rachel came back acting nervous. She was straightening pillows and I noticed she was barefoot but wearing her pantyhose again. I asked how the movie was, they both said it was good. Noah left 10 minutes later. They never hugged or kissed. He just left.
I can’t believe my twin sister gave into Noah so easily and is no longer a virgin. She barely knows him!
Since we were teenagers, my parents have always insisted Rachel and I do everything together. They are so strict, Rachel has never been allowed to date, be alone with a boy or even allow a boy sit beside her during church service.
Rachel and I are close and I feel like both of us should sit down with our Youth Pastor to discuss this. However, my gut is telling me to just tell our parents?

1 month ago

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    • I think your twin sister is the school hoe!

    • Wonder if she learned that from your wife?

    • Tell no one!
      Be a good brother and let your sister have some fun in life!
      Also, be a good brother and chat with her to make sure she's not he desire of every 'jock' in school.
      Back in my day, there was a bragging rights challenge for any guy that could get into a girl named Natalie. She was an only child by older parents. A late in life surprise. They were extremely strict, never allowed her to call or text boys or go on dates. She was the golden virgin in our school.

    • So Noah won the 'Bragging Rights Challenge"?

    • Did the thought ever come to mind that she didn't loose her virginity that day?
      Your innocent twin sister might not be so 'innocent' after all.
      Noah might have been #3 or #34 to get inside her p**y.

    • Okay, so I'm a child of the 70'-80's. My name for this post will be (Samantha) I'm a 47yr old wife and mom of 2 and I own my own business. It's not a million dollar business, but it's very successful in my little town. So it covers my family's lifestyle. The reason I bring this up is to show that not all incest survivors are empty broken shells or individuals who live their lives like meer hermits ashamed of their past. Here's a page from my childhood and how my older brother & I began a incestuous relationship that lasted for several years.
      I'm the youngest child of 4, and the only female child. My oldest brother (Let's call him Matt) and my twin brothers (Jeff & Jack) are my middle siblings. Jeff being the oldest of twins, they're 3 years older then me. And Matt being my oldest sibling is 8 years older then me. I was the surprise child in the family. My parents had only planned on having two kids, but ended up with 4. Tjey always called me the oops baby. We lived in Marrero, La in a 3 bedroom house my parents bought when they married. My brothers Jeff and Jack shared a room and my brother Matt had a room on his own until I turned 4. That's when My parents rearrange his room so I had a small section of space in his room. He never complained, at least I never knew him to complain when I was around. He treated me like a princess, and I loved him for being my protective brother. Jeff and Jack were always the ones who picked on me,but Matt always stood up for me. Which Jeff & Jack knew he would bash their heads in if they hurt my feelings.

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