Pantyhose Competition

My wife is tall with amazing tan/tone legs & firm ass. She’s a realtor maintains a professional appearance. She also works hard to stay fit & eat healthy. At 42, I think she still looks amazing!

We recently had friends our age over and I heard the women complaining about how people dress now. Pajamas in public, leggings and tunics…..
When everyone left, I told my wife I REALLY like it when she wears pantyhose. I admit, my wife has great legs and wears above the knee business skirt suits. She said,“What is it with guys and pantyhose?”

We made a little bet.

I asked her to not wear pantyhose & use her legs to get attention.

Next she’d have to wear a similar outfit but with pantyhose and tell me which got more attention.

If bare legs win, I’ll be cleaning house and doing dishes for a week.
If pantyhose legs win, let’s just say she’d have give me my prize in the bedroom.

Friday night, she met her friends for drinks at a local bar. She came home and admitted she’d got ‘some’ attention but nothing big.

Saturday night I asked her to wear a similar business skirt suit but with nude thigh highs and a garter belt and with the same heels. She complained a little because she thought it would looks trashy but when she stood up you could not tell. We went to a different bar and I sat at a table and watched as she sat at the bar and crossed her legs. It was exactly what I’d hoped. The top of her thigh highs were showing and one guy moved in started chatting with her. I noticed he leaned in and whispered something while placing his hand on her knee. He bought her drink and I noticed he had her phone. They flirted very close for a few more minutes. She texted and asked me to meet her at the car. I paid my tab and left. She met me in the car and I got road head back to the house!

My wife had to confess, I was right!
I got one role play outfit (Harley Quinn) and HOT sex as my prize!

3 months ago

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    • Had a similar experience with my wife. great looking fantastic legs great ass sexy small feet, beautiful smile etc. She had great skin tone very healthy but with dresses or skirts with no stockings her overall sex appeal was so so. On the other hand wearing sheer to toe stockings with a skirt dress it was another story. She said she loved the way hosiery felt against her skin. She also felt she didn't have wear any under garments, just shear nude stockings. Coffee colored or Satin Black. And the Men loved peeking at hose lovely gams too! She'd purposely cross & uncross her legs, letting her skirt hem rise exposing those delightful thighs and exploiting the "Boys" wild imaginations! Of course allowing the wife to dress provocatively and encouraging her when things get a little stale, opens the door so to speak to a more erotic lifestyle in some instances.

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