Sister and I love eachother

Growing up me and my sister have always been super close. We did everything together. Where ever I went I took her aswell. One night we were left alone. We started talking about things and it turned into sex. I asked her if she’d done anything with a guy. She said just hugged. Nothing more. She asked the same I told her I’d done everything had sex and oralsex. I started to get aroused. I then asked her if she’d like to see me naked. She said ok I said she had to aswell.
I got naked as did she. I got hard she was surprised that my dick was sticking up. She asked if she could touch it. She then put her hand around it. It felt great feeling her hand on my dick. I showed her how to masturbate me. I got into the mood I asked if she’d like to try sucking it. She looked up at me and said ok. She then put it in her mouth and sucked until I came. I told her I was about to and she kept sucking until I came in her mouth. She swallowed it said it was a salty taste. I asked why she swallowed she said I thought I had to. Oral continued for a few months then She mentioned sec and how that felt. I told her she is a feeling you can’t describe. One night we were watching a movie and she handed me a condom. She said she wanted me to be her first.
We had sex a few times a week after that night. I moved out due to work a few months later. She finished school that same year and came to live with me.
We continued having sex. This time she was on the pill so I was able to cum in her for the first time. She then started getting sick. A few days later she told me she was pregnant and the pill didn’t work. She was delighted that she was pregnant by me. I was excited that I was going to be a dad.
She gave birth to a healthy boy which made us both proud. We ended up having 2 more kids together all are perfectly healthy. No one knows the truth. The sex and blowjobs are a dream. Never in my wildest dream did I think I would be this happy

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    • I grew up with three horney sisters and a lesbian mother and I was a gurlyboy with a cock and Mom wanted to teach my sisters what they can do with my cock..I was just one of sisters in panties with a gurly body so at 10 mom sucked my cock in front of my sisters and then had each one of them suck my cock and Mom dildoed my pussy as each one of of them sucked my cock " Mom was big on sex education and " and she wanted all of us to have fun with each other's bodies. And to her this was not incest and to not tell anyone what we would be doing..with no guilt, no shame, no religious hang ups...Mom new what I should be..because she had ladyboy friends and felt that would be the best path in life for me..And I got to fuck my sisters and Mom in their bums with out a condom on.. and then their pussies with a condom on and then when I got to be 14 my pussy was ready to be fucked by Moms ladyboy friends and that was so much fun to be fucked and to fuck and to suck a variety of cocks and today I'm a little horney Tgirl whore and loving every fucking moment of being one!!!

    • Beautiful love story.

      This is the kind of nurturing that incest affords family memebers.

      I approve this story.

    • Crazy fantasy. Nobody would be happy to find out that they knocked up their sister.

    • Well mines actually real. We are both happy we had kids together. We see nothing wrong with it.

    • Awesome

    • The anti-incest warrior approves this story.

    • Hey how are you ?

    • I’m great how about you?

    • Couldn’t care less what the anti-incest warrior thinks. We both love incest. It’s the best sex you’ll ever have. We’ll always be brother and sister. Now we live as husband and wife

    • Very nice

    • That's great ♥️

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