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So I knew my wife in HS. She was a total hottie but also a prude who wouldn’t kiss until the third date, and it never went any further. We didn’t hang out at all as I was a bit wilder. We didn’t see each other for some time after we graduated and I’d kind of forgotten about her. At our 10 year reunion we got to talking and really hit it off. I was ready for something serious, her age indicated she would be too. We exchanged numbers and started seeing each other. First date was mediocre but good enough I decided to ask her out again. I got her in bed on the second date which I thought was pretty awesome and she was clearly no longer a prude. We got married several months later eventually had a couple kids, maintained an above average sex life and life was/is good. We’d gone to a marriage conference where they told us secrets destroy relationships and that we should reveal anything we’re hiding. I’d told her a few small things about my past that I’d kept to myself then she opened up.
Turns out she’d been sleeping with her older married boss when we met. She’d been with him and his wife on one occasion. I was blown away. Then she told me she was also sleeping with her landlord to pay the rent. Then she went back to college. She’s a petite blonde and she admitted she’d played around with the football players a bit. She and a couple of her friends had actually let them all pass her around on one occasion. This revelation was presented to me a few months ago. After the initial gut punch, I can’t decide if I’m more aroused or disgusted. Either way I’m still in shock.

Apr 3
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    • Slowly came out that my 35 yr old new wife - had fucked all of her older, often married, bosses, and then several older co-workers at Sear's. Did them in the store rooms!
      She said she was always drunk every time she agreed to go back to a guys apt - or bring him to hers. I guess she figured if drink was the excuse - then it wasn't slutty behavior!
      "Let me show you my new office "( at a lawyers Xmas party)....and bam she's sitting in his new office chair sucking him to completion! ("I just thought he wanted to show me something!")
      At a professional conf. in a out of town hotel, after we were married. A few drinks with co-workers....and a cute stranger joins them. Hits on her, then he says, "Let me show you something in my room upstairs!"
      Up she goes - and bam! - he's pinned her against the wall in his room. "His tongue was in my mouth and his fingers were up my skirt and in me!"
      What a surprise.
      Fucked her over the arm of his couch so long she was still sore when she came home 2 days later.

    • They always say watch out for the "innocent" ones lol

    • I used to think that my wife didn't get a chance to sow her wild oats, so being deprived so to speak. I started to date her as she was going into her senior year and I'd already graduated, I was 2 classes ahead of her, but only 17 months older.
      She always told me that she was a virgin when we started dating. Heck I'd only had sex once before that. So it wasn't like I was a pro.
      Anyway she always told me that guys always liars, and I could never believe any rumor about her as people were all jealous of her.
      Always has an excuse.
      I wasn't her first, not even her second.
      She also got some strange while we were going together, and after we got married and I was stationed overseas she was getting some strange on the weekend. That's the tip of the iceberg.
      None of it would have bother me except that she vehemently denied and called all her accusers, which included her sister liars.
      Then I found some letters from one of her old lovers and I made it a point to confront him and he confessed.

    • I knew she wasn’t still a virgin but I definitely never expected this. The landlord is technically prostitution. And the football players in college? Holy shit. I’m still in a daze.

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