TRUE STORY: My Girlfriend’s Massage

My gf and I have been dating for a couple of years. We are both in our early 40s and she has the body of a woman half her age. We are very open with each other about everything. Especially our sexual needs and fantasies. One of her fantasies that she had told me a few times is that a male masseuse would getting extra handsy.

For her birthday in October we went to the city for a weekend get away. We stayed in a suite at an upscale hotel. As part of her birthday celebration I arranged for an in room massage.

When the time came for the massage I told her I would be down at the bar and to text me when she was done.

Ten minutes into the 90 minute massage I returned to the room. I entered quietly and sat in the sitting room and listened. It was still quiet so I stood up and peaked in the bedroom. There was my very attractive gf laying face down completely naked except for a small towel covering her ass. I was in time to see the masseuse drop his pants and take off his shirt. His dick was very impressive. Very thick! He continued to massage my gf. Removing the towel covering her ass he started massaging and rubbing her ass and down to her pussy. I heard her let a soft moan. As he continued to massage her pussy I could see her getting excited. The masseuse then got up on the table, straddling her. His dick was getting harder between her oiled up ass cheeks. I saw her quiver and grab the table. He was getting her close. He got off her, now fully erect and moved to the end of the table by her head. He stood in front of her rubbing her shoulders. He very impressive dick still fully erect. He picked up his dick and placed it directly at the top of her head. The weight of it made an actual thud. When she looked up his dick was right in front of her face. She looked up at him. She reached for it. Not being in a good position she sat up and reached back out for his dick with both hands this time. Pulling him by this dick to her. She stroked his dick never looking at him, only his dick. She stroked him a bit faster and then leaned down and put the head of his dick in her mouth. The masseuse started rubbing her oiled up tits and was pinching her nipples. She got off the table and went directly to her knees. She sucked his dick while he grabbed a hand full of her hair and began to face fuck her. She grabbed his ass while he was fucking her face. After a couple of minutes she stood up and bent over the massage table and he rolled on a condom from the nearby table. When he entered her she let out a loud gasp. Thirty seconds later she came. He continued to fuck her through two more orgasms. She turned around and laid on the table, spreading her legs and pulling him to her. As he entered her again I walked in and sat in the chair facing her. It took her a minute to see me and when she did she smiled and then came again. The masseuse picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid down and she mounted him. She called me over and fought with my belt until she told me to get naked. Riding him without missing a thrust. I got naked and she started to suck my very excited dick. I pulled out of her mouth and got behind her. I entered her ass. She moaned louder than I’d heard her moan before. We three fucked for only a couple of minutes until the masseuse announced he had to cum. I pulled out of her and she got off him. She got on her knees and the masseuse pulled off the condom and came all over her neck and tits. Less than a minute later he had regained himself. He smiled at us, wished my gf a very happy birthday and thanked me for a memorable afternoon.

Without saying another word to him we were back on the bed fucking. I don’t know who was more excited. My gf or me. So excited that neither of us whipped off the masseuse’s cum. We fucked on and off for the rest of the day and into the evening. We did take a break at one point and took a shower.

My gf got two of her fantasies fulfilled in one day. Her masseuse with a very impressive dick fucked her and made her cum and she was double penetrated. Both were the first time for her.

I should note that I arranged everything a couple of months in advance. I found the masseuse who was actually a stripper named Troy. Interviewed him over a lunch. Then to get know him a bit more I had lunch with he and his gf. My gf is so special I wanted to make sure he was a decent guy and that his gf was cool with it all. I told him he and I would have to get a blood test a week before just to make sure all was kosher. His gf thanked me for my concern of both my gf and him.

It might not be the greatest experience of our lives but I was definitely very memorable. One my gf still brings up while we are fucking.

1 month ago

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