Best Situation of My Life

I was just 24 years old, in shape and single. It was one of the better periods of my life, young and strong and free to sample all that life had to offer.

My brother and I ran a gasoline station, it did fairly well so we really did not want for much of anything, except the hours were long.

I met a young woman, her name was Diane, she could be best described as normal in the appearance department, and very quickly we became lovers. It was great, she could cook, her apartment that she shared with a roommate named Sue was spotless. It got so I seldom even bothered to drive to the house out in the country that I owned.

Sue was the type of women one would call thick, not fat, not by a long shot, just a big gal, curvy, but she was also just the roommate. They had double beds, and Diane and I often made love in the one bed in the dark as Sue slept in the other, this went on for months.

One evening, I got there and Diane was not there, but Sue was. Sue told me that Diane was over with her "other" boyfriend, a surprise to me, but one that to be honest, did not upset me all that much since we were basically friends with benefits. Sue cooked me a meal, very good, we sat and talked.

She told me that Diane was going to marry her other boyfriend, so since I was free, could she ask me a question. I told her sure, not even expecting the one she asked.

She looked at me with what I would describe as a hopeful expression, then asked, "Would you like to have sex with me?" Flabbergasted, I hesitated. Her eyes dropped, then I told her I would love to! She grabbed me and hugged me, we kissed. Then I took her to my car and we went to a motel, because we both knew that Diane would be coming home before long.

Let me tell you, that woman was the most energetic and passionate woman I ever had sex with. There was not an ounce of extra fat on her, just muscle and curves, and it was the first time in my life I managed three times in one night, and woke up the next morning to doing it the fourth time.

At one point she told me that because she was so big, she didn't get many chances to have sex. I told her she was the most beautiful creature I had ever been with, and I meant that. She giggled, then she asked me if she could "suck on you some, because she had never done that." Which worked out fine since she was only the 2nd one to ever do that to me.

We then showered, together, that was fun and we took turns licked each other with no mercy, and at one point I reached number 5, and she swallowed. "That wasn't so bad." she said.

It was wonderful, but soon after that, a problem cropped up. She had developed confidence, and next thing I knew, if I wanted to see her I needed an appointment, so, things faded away and I moved on.

Nearly a dozen years later, by then I owned a neighborhood bar and grill, she showed up one evening, I left my bartender in charge and we went out to catch up on old times.

We ended up in that exact same motel, asked for and got the same room. It was another wild night, she had added a few pounds but then so had I. The next morning, Sue hugged me and kissed me, then told me she needed to get back to her husband, which until that moment I did not know about.

I asked her, does he know about this? She said yes, I was a fantasy of hers for all of those years, and her husband had let her have this one last time, so she had looked me up deliberately.

She laughed, gave me one last kiss and was gone, I never saw her again.

Completely true story here, even the names.

1 month ago

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