Guy experiment

I am a happily married guy but I would really love to experiment with a guy. I really want to see what it is like to suck a guys dick till he cums in my mouth. I taste my own cum and I like it and it makes me wonder does other guys cum taste as good as mine? I’d also love to try anal sex, giving and receiving. I’ve never had anal sex with a female.

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  • I have the same thoughts. I would like to find another very clean masculine hung white male like myself that is curious. I want to suck on a big cock on my knees and feel it explode in my mouth. I also want to take a big one in my ass. I have played with sex toys many times and even used other things in my ass and when I am really horny and get the opportunity to be home alone I like to dress in my sexy wife's hot clothes and play with out toys.
    Slowly sucking on a few of them while I get undressed then in one of her thongs and a pair of high heels I like to stick one of our big rubber cocks to the end of our bed and back up on it and fuck my ass hard and deep for a very long time while I suck on a big rubber cock and the cum pours out of my dick and I put it on the cock I am sucking on and eat my cum. I really enjoy doing this in front of mirrors so I can watch myself and that's a huge turn on for me. I like to gang bang my ass with several suction cup toys placed all around the house and fuck all of them and use my cum for lube in my ass. I get very horny and kinky when I have the privacy and I wish I had a friend to play with.

  • I am very similar to you. I too am happily married, but I have had the strongest urges to give a blowjob. I ended up giving in to those urges and found an older gentleman who let me try it out. Still can't believe I went through with it.

  • Finding the right guy is definitely what worked for me. It wasn't easy as I'm considered to be a rough tough man. However I got into a chat with an older man, an amazing guy, who let on his bisexual fetish was for muscular men like myself.
    Within days we booked a room and the rest they say is history. We meet up at least once a week now and I adore how he dominates me.
    So find someone who understands you, then take it easy, and make sure you're clean and safe.

  • The best thing in the world is a dick blasting cum down your throat or up your ass

  • I feel the same way. I would love to take it in my ass by a real cock

  • I only turned bi when my wife hit menopause and wouldn't have sex with me anymore. She's not into sex at all.

    After work I occasionally visit the local glory hole and suck dick and take it in the ass. The people who visit are guys. If you've never had anal sex, it feels great. It took me a while to get there, but it felt natural after a few times.

  • Do it. You may be surprised to find some of your friends or acquaintances feel the same or may even be experienced with cock. I know I've had quite a few over the years, in my mouth and/or ass, and it is an awesome feeling. But one thing you need to try is to let your wife watch, all three of my wives have watched me take cock and it makes them hot for me every time they think about it. And if the opportunity ever comes about to take one in each end, try it, you'll love it.

  • I had same sex urges most of my life. I acted on them off and on. Would be when I got married to my first wife that it would get fun. We hung out with another couple. Eventually we would have sex together. Not a 4some but me fucking my wife next to the other couple fucking (on the same bed). My wife always finished first and once she was done she was done. That would leave the three of us to continue. All sorts of things happened. One being me sucking his cock and him sucking my cock. Wife saw it more than once. Eventually he and I would fuck and suck each other when the girls would go shopping. We even got caught a few times. They went to get groceries for dinner but ended up ordering out and came home and he and I would be naked in bed. Both wives walked in to him fucking me in the ass doggystyle. Not one angry or jealous person.

  • I too would like to experience a man. I really want to suck a man's hard penis, and be a good bottom for him. I would love feeling his stiff, hard man flesh, slowly sliding up my tight virgin bottom and then feel his thick, sticky cum filling my bottom. By the way I really am into wearing ladies silky lingerie and wear them in front of you to prove that I want to be your "girl".

  • I would love to be with you. I’m curious and like to see u wearing lingerie

  • Leave your contact info.

  • Write to Mr. Bill 8709 Dyer St.#110 El Paso, TX 79904

  • Where do you live? Same here

  • Atlanta in Buckhead. I can host when wife is gone.

  • I am in Albany, Ga to bad

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