Massage of my life

My husband and I went to a wonderful tropical resort and I had set up a massage for myself everyday we were there. My husband was in our room for the first one and he sat out on the balcony watching it happen thru the sliding door. I was completely nude and the man was very professional about it but gave me a great massage. The next day my husband was going on a fishing charter and told me that he would not be back until the late afternoon. The masseuse showed up again and I was looking forward to another great one.
He got all set up and I laid down on the table again, he was as great as yesterday and I was really enjoying it. His hands never strayed at all even though it was just the two of us but when he was doing the back of my thighs I began moving my hips a little bit trying to encourage him to explore. I did not think it was working at all until he started rubbing my buttocks a little more than he did before, he was pushing my cheeks outward then back causing things to move around and get me a little stimulation. He tested the waters a little by running his fingers very close inside my thighs and I responded by spreading my legs to the edge of the table giving him more room. He finally ran several fingers right over my vagina and I let out a nice moan letting him know I was really enjoying his touch. I let him caress and touch me for a few minutes then I asked him to undress and come around to my head.
He did so and I slid myself to the edge of the table and started licking the head of his penis, I had both hands around it and began sucking on him. He took all the cues and reached down rubbing my buttocks more while I continued sucking on him. I turned over and he started caressing my breasts and worked his way back down to my vagina, he brought his mouth down to me and gave me a great massage with his tongue.
We moved it to the bed and had a wonderful time for about an hour, I had several orgasms and he was pleasured as well, I began to wonder if this is common for him to do so I asked him how many guests he has sex with but he just smiled and told me not many at all actually. I asked him if he would come back tomorrow at the same time and he told me that he might be able to do that but had not seen the schedule yet. He showed up right on time the next day and gave me a lot of pleasure again.


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  • Wish my wife would do this

  • I would absolutely do this to your wife.

  • Let me massage you I'm hung like a horse solid 3 inches baby I'll give you intense orgasms

  • Did he fuck you up the arse ? does your husband know ?
    Just be ready for a terrible shock these guys not only fuck and suck women they also do men as well, so if you or your husband start getting puss, itchy, very redish or pain you might have a good idea what you have got, hope it's only a small dose.

  • Yeah or small Aids.

  • You're very naughty you know ?

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