Female happy ending massage

I recently went to a spa, one i had been to a few times, and i had a full body massage booked in, when i got out the pool, dried off and went for my massage the staff apologised but said a staff member was ill so there would be a 2 hr delay. I said i couldn't wait that long, but they said sorry all we can do unless you are ok with a male masseuse. Ok, i said and we went for it. I had no panties, as i had been in the pool, and there seemed to be no paper ones so i covered with the towel.
He started, and he had big strong hands, he really worked my knots. He then went to my feet and worked up. He was doing great. As he got higher he parted my legs to work my thighs, and as he worked up the towel crept up. I was still covered so ok, but his hands then went under the towel and he massaged my ass. 'ok?' He enquired, 'uh huh' i replied, then he pulled the towel off. He was massaging my ass staring at my pussy. I've been naked for a massage but not like this. He started stroking my inner thighs at this point, and then my pussy. I was pretty horny and nervous now, and he started fingering me. He got me very wet then i turned over. He brought me to orgasm fingering me and playing with my boobs and clit. Totally amazing experience and not expected, clearly not allowed.

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  • I want my wife to visit where you get massages! My wife has an incredible body, so he’d enjoy massaging her.

  • Yeah, you do realise that female orgasm is just a myth? Only men can have an orgasm, females just know that they are inferior to men, and pretend to have orgasms, to make themselves seem more equal to men. They also seem to believe that men actually care if they have an orgasm, so they fake it to make themselves think that the man somehow feels good about her having an orgasm. Kind of sad really, but we need women for reproductive purposes.

  • If the female orgasm is just a myth then the three myth's I had last night were definitely great ones.

  • I have a 3 inches hard penis bet I can make you have 10 myths in 5 minutes

  • I watched another man give my wife nonstop myths.

  • I got off from a massage before, but it was never improper or this graphic. The masseuse was working my lower back and it hit a nerve or something, but I had an orgasm. He saw my toes curl and asked if I was okay. I just said, "I wish my husband could do that to me."

  • I was on vacation and had booked a massage for everyday, I am also female and prefer a woman giving me one. The second day I was there two women showed up for the massage and I assumed one was in training or something. They set up the table and both began to massage me very well, I was enjoying it a lot when the one on my legs slid her hands all the way up and the sides of her hands glided along my vagina. I did not react really figuring it was just slip up but when it happened again I began wondering what was next.
    They finished up and told me to roll over and after the one working my arms finished up they spoke to each other a few times and then started caressing both ends of me with one on my breasts and the other on my vagina. It was all feeling so great that I just let it happen figuring what the hell. The woman on my legs pushed my knees apart gently and I felt her tongue on me slowly licking me and the next half an hour was pure pleasure for me.

  • Bet you return, I am female and desperately need a massage like that but am afraid to ask, maybe I could somehow indicate when I book it that I want a girl who will give me a good time, is there a sort of code word ? don't know but I am going to do it for sure.

  • Ask for Dorthy

  • You do realise that regulars to this site are well aware when people are talking to themselves in the comments?

  • Yes I see this too.

  • OH darling certainly that would not happen, what would be the purpose ?

  • Darling this will play heavily on your mind and I bet you desperately need to return, maybe next time not to get cock but to have a wonderful orgasm now he knows its ok to finger you and you like it, but it won't be long and your going to get rooted by this guy

  • Love to hear more about your experience

  • That is so nice, do you think you would let him fuck you full on next time ?

  • Omg no, i felt guilty enough as it is,

  • Darling where is this spa I am so horny reading your post I just have to have the same experience.

  • Atlanta....

  • Lol what an asswipe idiot male you are. You clowns need a life and stop dreaming up bullshit

  • Don't read the posts if your that way inclined "prick"

  • How lucky are you, bet you use him again.

  • Wouldn't say no but feel guilty, kinda feels like cheating

  • Happens more often than you think.

  • Only time i have ever heard of it before is in hotels in far east resorts, never in the UK, never heard anything from friends etc. I know men get it or seek it out of course. Have you experienced it? I am the poster btw

  • Would love to hear about your experience if you have any :)

  • I’ve never have it happen (damn it!) but I know there are a lot of “massage” spas OTP (Atlanta people will know whatthat means) that offer it to men. I’ve always wondered if they’ll do it for women but haven’t had the courage to ask. Plus, they’re cracking down on the human trafficking places and I imagine those are where that happens, OTP or ITP.

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