Mother in law

I have this desire to fuck my mother in law one time when we hugged goodbye accidental or not she gave me a quick peck on the lips. She’s married but I know her husband doesn’t fuck her properly she’s 53. She has a fat ass. I want to stick my cock in her pussy and fuck the shit out of her until she CUMS all over my cock. I also want to stick my cock in her ass and lick it. I know she’d love it. She’s stroked my arm once randomly and said to me well done when I got her daughter pregnant.

Damn I would love to open her legs and give her orgasms. I sent her a message once saying I can’t wait to make you moan then she said I think you sent that to the wrong person . Then I made it out like it was an innocent mistake and that her daughter and I were sexting.

1 month ago


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    • You need to accidentally flash her, like in the bathroom or bedroom with your pants down. Pretend like you want her to see you but accidentally. If you do this, it’ll make her have thoughts about you.

    • I'd like o fuck my mil as well she alway puts on the tightest jeans she has and alway bends over in front of me and looks back to see if I'm looking I often think of her when I fuck my wife

    • Let her see your cock make sure it’s hard and look in her eyes and see what she does.

    • The best sex I ever had was to sometimes fuck my mother in law we would fuck 4 or 5 times a year, this went on until she remarried.

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