Chubby chicks

Chubby chicks are amazing. They have the best , wet, juicy delicious pussies .so good . They taste amazing and when they cum ...ALL SO GOOD. And a lot ( thanks ) . Plus they very good and willing to suck cock and enjoy it . Of course fucking is better with them because they actually have fun doing it . Mmmm . Here’s to you lady’s .

1 month ago

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    • All I wanted to do was tell how great and sexy chubby women are , not start some thread about stepdaughters come on !

    • It's not my fault that when a girl gets fat it presses the walls of her pussy together and they get super tight and that my stepdaughter is always eating chocodiles and I can't help but get hard thinking of how tight her pussy is so I have to fuck her! Plus she comes so hard with a good dicking!

    • One time I put a chocodile in pussy and did her up her creamy butthole! It was like fucking a super tight jar of warm peanut butter. Then I pulled out and came on her back and hair just as her mom got home. We had to pretend we were all normal when I was covered in creamy shit and she had come in her hair! It was hilarious! She has lots of fat little friends I hope she brings them over for a study session or something.

    • I call my stepdaughter's butt a Chocodile because its all brown inside but also white from the cream I shoot in it

    • My stepdaughter is 32 years old and weighs around 250lbs. She real reclusive, never leaving her house and never has any friends. I stopped over to fix her sink one day and she was in a bathrobe. As we were standing there talking, she untied her robe and opened it showing me her nude body. She asked if she was disgusting, but honestly she was really tone for her size. She is a big girl, but I didn't see any disgusting flab. I told her she was beautiful, and then she turned around and bent over the table, saying "I won't tell if you won't". I pulled out my dick and fucked her from behind.

    • Bull shit incest lover try again!

    • Hey, fat chicks need love too. You don't see me bashing on you for fucking your fat dad in the ass do ya?? No, so hush up sparky.

    • You have a problem

    • No I don't. I unloaded that in my fat stepdaughters pussy. You have the problem, ya faggot loving virgin.

    • Yep you have a problem.

    • You'r full of shit!

    • U do have a problem

    • That other guy is sad

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