Best friend sent me video by accident

My girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend and i didnt even kno until he accidentally sent me a video of them fucking. We have been together for 3 years and was talking about having kids and marriage and stuff. For all those years we always used condoms because we didnt want any accidents. Well one i got this video and there plain as day is my bf and gf fuckn on his bed. I couldnt believe it. Or how big his dick is. Mine is 7 and nicely full but his looked way bigger like 12 and as round as a wrist. I watched her slobber all over it. It barely fit in her mouth. She could suck it and stroke with both hands thats how big he is. Anyway it came time to fuck. She told him he needed a condom. He said he wanted to feel all of her and grabbed her hand and put it on his dick. I guess how big it is made her not care bcuz she just said make sure u pull out n just guided him in. Took him a few tries to fit in her tight pussy but finally it slid in. He thrusted slow as she moaned with such pleazure. Only a minute in and she was already squirting all over his fat cock. I just sat there in awe watching my best friend stretch my girlfriends pussy. After awhile i was waiting for him to say he was gonna cum soon like i normally do. But it was her that brought it up first. She asked if he was gonna cum soon and he said yes. Ill never forget what happened next. She said good i want u to cum inside me. He asked r u serious? R u sure? She said yes fill me up with ur seed. They began kissing as he thrusted harder n deeper. He said u want this load baby? She said omg yes. Pump it in my guts. He yelled out omg Ashley i want u to have my baby!! She yelled out fuck AJ give it to me! Ur already pounding my womb just fuckn blow up in me. He pumped his thick creamy load deep inside my girls pussy. I kno its weird but i find it hot. I havent said anything to them but i kinda wanna watch them fuck for real. I beat my dick to that vid every day. The thought of another mans big dick blowin his seed into my girl makes me horny as hell. Should i try to make it happen?

1 month ago

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    • He didn't accidentallysend that video to you,,he wants you to know that he is fucking your wife but more importantly that he is not wearing pertection and fills her cunt with his cum every time he fucks her. Yes you need to talk to them and beg to be allowed to watch them fucking. Of course you will not ever be allowed to join in and they might not even want to see you playing with yourself. If they tell you that you can watch tell them that you will buy and lock yourself in a good chastity device and make sure he gets both keys before they let you watch. You are never going to be allowed to touch your wife but they are going to let you suck his cock and isn't that much better ??

    • Yes it is. I want him to fuck her then blow his load down my throat while he calls me a sissy

    • That sounds faker than Kim Kardashians plastic ass

    • I've got a vid of my current gf getting pounded by one of my bros. LOL I recorded it last year at a party when the two were high and drunk and started going at it. Everyone got their phones out and recording their moment. Don't think it's like some professional porn vid. Everyone was cheering and pushing everyone around and all you can see is her legs in the air and his ass pushing. It's only 3:15 min too. LOL. A few months ago we hooked up after a party and began hooking up often. She knows I have the vid. I told her that's what got me interested in her. She's cool and said her sorority sisters have other vids. After she takes a few hits on a joint, she'll do anything. LOL
      I think I'll stick with her long enough to see if I can get the other vids sent to me. She's a screaming ho in the bed!

    • LOL, it has already happened !

    • Stop having sex with your girlfriend and she will certainly want him to fuck her often. Then he will get her pregnant and you should marry her and raise the baby as your own. Every time that you look at the child, you will get hard thinking about how your friend came deep inside her and got her pregnant.

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