He's Our Savior

We live with my brother-in-law which I really never met when my husband was alive. When my husband died I had no idea what to do or how I was going to make living ok with me. It started when I wrote to my brother-in-law telling him his older brother past away. We began writing letters and then calling each other thru my bad times. He suggested that me and my daughter could move in with him until I could figure out what I could do with my life.
I took a bus to where he was living one weekend to get to know him. Even though he was a bit younger than my husband he seemed to be an ok guy. He took me out to dinner and showed me around the area. I was laying on the bed in his guest room. I couldn't sleep, I had too many thing running thru my head. I knocked on his bedroom door begging him to let me sleep with him. He decided it was ok.
I finally fell asleep. Without realizing that he was not my husband I placed his arm around me and reached down to play with his cock. He shook me till I awaken. "Horny?" he said with a smile. I was so embarrassed. Then he confessed to me that he and his former wife swung, so what I did was natural sex urge. He pulled off my gown and saw my dark nipples and began sucking on them. I just laid there not saying a word. He worked his way down and started doing oral on me. It was pleasurable and I began to play with my nipples. He removed his boxer underwear exposing his clean shaven privates. His brother had a big bush there and hairs kept going into my mouth. He was cut compared to his older brother who wasn't. I grabbed it and started rubbing my clit with it and guided it in as he pushed into me. He damn well knew how to please a woman. I guess it was from his swinging experience.
Riding the bus back home I decided to tell my daughter that we'll be moving in with her uncle and expect a different household lifestyle.


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