Penetrating Ronda-Part One

I hadn’t had an opportunity to play with Ronda for a little while. They only stayed at my grandparents’ house a short while. Then they stayed elsewhere as they looked for a new place of their own. By the time they finally moved into their own place it seemed like about a month after my last attempt to fuck Ronda. I was ready to try again.

The house they found was an old two-story house that had been converted into two apartments, one upstairs and one down. My uncle knocked down the drywall that had blocked the original staircase entrance. This turned the house into a single-family dwelling again. But it still had a bathroom and kitchen upstairs, where the kids slept. We could practically live up there without ever seeing my uncle and their mom.

This is also the house with the hole in the bathroom wall. By this time Ronda’s brother and I had begun speaking very openly with each other about what I should do with his sister. He confided that he wanted to fuck her too. Which was fine with me as long as I got mine. But he wasn’t shy about showing his cock to anyone who he could. And I don’t blame him. It was huge. He would take any opportunity to take a leak in front of us other boys, just to show off. So I believe he wanted me to pop her cherry with my more normal sized dick. That way, he wouldn’t have as much trouble when it came his time to fuck her. Now, I don’t know if it ever happened. She didn’t seem like the type to want to fuck her brother. But his desire to fuck Ronda made him work pretty hard to assist me in getting my cock in her.

So one night, the brother and I were in his bedroom talking about just that subject. He began daring me to get up and go to her room. I had told him of the things we had already done and he loved hearing about it. He even talked to Ronda about it. Supposedly she told him I had a big dick.

So, I finally got up the courage to sneak to her room. This was the girls’ room, my little cousin was also asleep in Ronda’s bed. I just had to make sure not to wake her. I quietly entered the room, at least as quietly as you can walk on hard wood flooring. I loved her feet. And I had never touched them before. So I snuck in from the foot of the bed. I found her soft teenage soles, she was definitely 14 now. I touched and caressed them. Then I worked my way up her round calves to her soft inner thighs.

Ronda lay there as usual, not moving, not talking. She seemed to just enjoy anything I was willing to do to her. Reaching her panties, I didn’t waste time removing them. And once again she raised her plump little ass to assist me. Tossing the panties aside I made myself comfortable between her legs, which she was now spreading for me instead of making me do it. “How sexy!” I thought. It was dark and I was under the covers. I had to advance by touch and smell. I moved my face toward the general area that I believed her pussy to be. One cheek touched a soft, smooth thigh. Then, after correcting my aim, the other cheek on the other thigh. Finally I could feel thighs on both cheeks. “I must be close.” Then I smelled that wonderful smell. Moving my face a little further forward I felt the tickle of hair on my lips. I plunged my face into it. I was a little too high. I felt the pubic bone under the hair but felt no wet, no slit. I repositioned my body and came in a little lower. There it is.

I kissed her soft, thick lips. But there was no wet. Oh, I could smell it. But I couldn’t feel it. I didn’t realize back then that a woman needs to be aroused. They don’t always have juice flowing out of their pussies. And I had only been working on her for a few minutes. So now I had to actually feel for it. With both hands I used my fingers to find her lips. When I found them I started looking for the separation between them. I began pulling her lips apart, her left lip with my right hand and her right lip with my left hand. Then I moved in with my mouth again. Success! This time when I kissed I could feel her soft pink skin on my lips. Oh, and the smell was so much stronger with her pussy opened. I inhaled deeply. Then I plunged my tongue inside. “Hello, remember me?”

I was fairly confident that my young cousin was sleeping through it. As for the boys, they were in other rooms. We were almost as alone as the first time at my aunt’s house. I tongued that pussy for all it was worth. I figured if I could open it up a bit more with my tongue, it would be easier to get my cock inside later, something I was hell-bent on doing this time. Ronda wasn’t moving. She was probably worried about waking my cousin too. But her breathing was very deep and rapid. I hardened my tongue as much as I could. The tip was inside. I pulled it out and tried to keep it hard. I pushed it back in. The tip went in a bit further. After several minutes of this I opened that little virgin hole up from less than a half inch to more than three quarters. I began tasting a bit of blood. But I was expecting this. Us teenage boys always talked about girls bleeding when their virginity was taken. What difference would it make if it was by a tongue or a penis?

1 month ago

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