My beautiful sister Sophie

My sister is the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world.

At one point there were a lot of websites catering for incest discussion, by those who had genuine experience and wanting to support those elsewhere in the world living similar lifestyles. Now these sites are just for fetishists and fakes.

We made real friends online and in real life (in the U.K.).

Lockdown is hard on couples who have to keep their relationship a secret. But Sophie and I have been doing this a very long time and we are now in our late twenties. We hadn’t actually had sex for a while before Covid struck. But through last summer we were texting more and sending nudes/FaceTiming.

When the restrictions were lifted late summer 2021 we got together with other family members at a pub for lunch - and Sophie came to my place afterwards for two hours of fantastic sex. I miss her so much now we are all back in lockdown but I know things will be better soon.

To all those involved in incest relationships during lockdown around the world keep strong and happy. Everyone will be reunited again soon


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  • Are you and Sophie exclusive? Or is family with benefits? I really enjoyed my time with my sister.

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  • The Mighty anti incest warrior will certainly have something to say about this post

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  • No more incest stories! Good grief enough already!

  • It's fake stories like this that makes incest unbelievable in the first place. Nothing but lame incest propaganda!

  • So do you have a real one?

  • There are no real incest stories here.

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  • Without a doubt there are no real incest stories here.

  • You can't say that, you don't know.

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