I took a video of some friends that my buddy wanted. I sent it to his phone as I have done with many other files. Except this time I accidentally sent 3 other files along with it. It was 3 days before he finally showed me on his phone. He smiled because he knew he had me! A video of me clearly sucking on another guy's cock! He laughed, wait wait! He swiped to show me the 2nd video of me sucking on a different guy's cock! He took great pleasure in swiping again. Another video of me obviously enjoying myself as I sucked on another different cock! I was ashamed and embarrassed. He was happy to go back over several times the moment when the guy cummed in my mouth. You obviously swallowed buddy! Then he told me I had 10 seconds to start sucking his cock or he would send the videos to everyone we knew! He unzipped his pants but left it to me to pull out his cock. I was humiliated! We were friends. Buddies! He wasn't supposed to know! He was mean about it. He called me names, fucking faggot. Cum-eater. He forced me down. He laughed as I choked on his cock. To make it worse he took his own video. Made me look right into the camera and say I wanted him to cum in my mouth. You can hear him in the background ordering me to say these things. Halfway through the blowjob there was a new deal. Either I swallow his cum or he's going to send the videos to my mom! I did it. I made him cum and I swallowed every drop. You... Fucking... Faggot! You actually did it! You fucking queer! He practically knocked me over as he stood up. Guess what? You're my fucking bitch now! He walked out without another word and it was over a week before I heard from him again. I waited to hear from my friends or my mom if they had received any strange emails. Thankfully there was nothing. When he returned it wasn't any better. Basically he came in and fucked me in the face, raped me in the mouth! He was angry! He kept forcing his cock down my throat and laughing when I choked. He told me to shut up because I was just a faggot. Shut up and eat the cock. Just like that it was over. As soon as he blew his nuts in my mouth. He pulled his half hard dick out of my mouth while I was still sucking on it slapped me across the face a couple of times put it away and left! Before closing the door he reached in his pocket and threw a quarter on the floor. Thanks for the blowjob... Fucking homo. So now I have to believe it's true. I am his bitch. His own personal cock slave. He's just a cruel asshole and I know it isn't queer on his part. He just enjoys the feeling of superiority it gives him to force me to suck his cock.He's the king and I am nothing because I am the cocksucking faggot that eats other guy's cum! Whenever he comes over I have to drop whatever I am doing and suck his cock. Another quarter. Thanks for eating my dick, sperm breath. He just adds insult to injury paying me 25 cents to suck his cock. It's humiliating but I don't see any way out.

1.9 years ago

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    • Wait till he starts making you beg to suck his cock and has you on your knees in a park or in a stall in a public bathroom. Like all the rest of us sissies you will drop to your knees and suck your owners cock when told and you love sucking cock. My Master sent me a video of him fucking my girlfriend and came over right after and made me suck his cock , I could still taste her on his cock.

    • Bite it the next time and tell everyone he forced you to haha

    • Sounds like you are enjoying it to me.

    • You cannot make excuses for liking to suck a nice hard cock. all women and about a half of men want to suck big dicks

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