Penetrating Ronda-Part Two

My tongue was pretty tired. I was really enjoying the taste but a cramping tongue wasn’t what I was looking for. I slid up her torso like a snake. I had left my pants and underwear on the floor. As I climbed up her young, soft body I raised her night gown up over her tits. They were noticeably bigger now! I squeezed and kissed them. How soft they were. I love chubby girls because their tits are full of more body fat than skinny girls. This makes everything bigger and rounder… and softer. She enjoyed my titty play. She put her arms around my head, being buried in her chest, and ran her fingers through my hair. Yes, she was actually engaging me now. My hips were doing their own thing now. I could feel my cock lying in her warm, wet slit. I slid it up and down. Ronda trembled as I passed over her little clit. No, I couldn’t feel it. But I now know it was there.

I’ve waited long enough. I propped myself up on my right elbow and grasped my cock with my left hand. I moved it around in the wet, warm skin until I found the depression. Ronda’s breathing was more like panting. When I found what I was feeling for I pulled my left hand off my cock and put both arms around her shoulders. I didn’t want her sliding away from me as I pushed it in. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. I grasped her in my arms as tight as I could and pushed. Her head laid back again, she was holding her breath. I felt the head of my cock enter her pussy hole. Then I relaxed and slid back out of her a fraction of an inch. She exhaled. I figured that moving in and out little by little like this was the way to spread her juice around and make it easier to get inside her. Hell, it may have been her brother who taught me that. I pushed in again. Again with her head. She gave one of her whispered grunts as my head slid in a little bit deeper. It was happening! I slid back out. Back in. Back out. Each time I could feel it sliding in a bit deeper. After several attempts I could feel her tight, wet little hole grasping my cock. Not quite half-way down the shaft but certainly more than just the head. So I decided to use what I had learned and slid in and out, not going any deeper, just to spread her juice around better, and maybe relax her a bit. Instinct was kicking in.

Ronda trembled at a nearly grown cock explored inside her where nothing had ever been before. I grasped her around her shoulders again and she held her breath, she knew the drill by now. I thrust my cock in with more force now. Another whispered grunt, but louder now. Her hands were on my shoulders going back and forth between pulling me in and pushing back, depending on how much pain she was in. I was at least half-way in now! I decided to go all the way in with my next push. I pulled out, all the way to my head being the only part of my cock still inside her. I grabbed her tight and pushed. I worried my cock would break. Her pussy was still so very tight. But it went in much further. I felt it give, almost like something snapped. She jumped when this happened. But it didn’t quite go all the way in. Almost, but not quite. I relaxed, let it slide back out a bit. But just a bit. Then I buried it in her. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as her chin pointed at the ceiling. Poor little thing. She was keeping it together for me so I could have my fun. And, I was finally completely inside a pussy. Things were going well. Time to start fucking! I pulled it back out. Ronda exhaled and brought her head back down. As I began to thrust it in again I felt a disturbing sensation. I had been jerking off for years. I knew when an orgasm was coming. It just felt so damn good! Her soft, warm skin clutching my cock so tightly. I had never felt anything so good. No! It couldn’t be almost over already. So I began pounding Ronda as hard and as fast as I could, trying to get in as many thrusts as I could before I had to pull out. I counted them in my head, thrusting against her pubic bone with everything I had, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” I should probably pull out. The orgasm was in full force, ready to start pumping into her 14 year old pussy if I didn’t pull out in time. “Eight, nine, ten!” Double digits! And I was out. She gasped as I pulled my cock out of her sore little pussy. That must have been a new experience for her too. I fell on top of her. My throbbing cock on her stomach, covering her in sperm. We lay there panting together. She caressed my shoulders.

Then I got paranoid. What if my uncle or her mom heard the bed springs or something? What if they came up to check on us? I jumped up and grabbed my clothes and headed for her brother’s room, where I would tell of my conquest. He was proud of me.

Ronda and I would fuck several more times over that winter. I never could last more than that ten thrusts. What was it about ten? Was it my immaturity? Was her pussy special? I’ve heard of something called a “hot box”, where a woman’s pussy is a few degrees hotter than most women. This causes women to have trouble getting men off too soon. I’ll never know. I’d love to have another shot at her just to see if I could last. But it’ll never happen.

Then trouble between my uncle and her mom would break them up. And Ronda would become nothing more than a pleasant memory. My first.

1 month ago

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