First Photo Shoot

This is way back, my 1st wife and I were really doing a lot of playing, things like flashing service station attendants, sometimes upskirts in a local restaurant that had raised seats along the sides, almost like it was intended for people doing that.
About that time, out came those new instant cameras, we got one and like probably everybody, we took some naughty pictures.
One night we had two other couples over, and I showed them some of the tamer pics we had taken, which embarrassed my wife, at least she acted that way which was fun to tease her like that. She was sure I would show them some of the naked ones, but I didn't.
But in no time, we were taking pics of each other, couples going into the bedroom, pressing to see who would take the nastiest ones and show them.
It wasn't long before the women had their breasts out, doing quick flashes while we all tried to catch them. Then one of the other wives clearly got fussed up and had her top off completely, the other two soon followed suit and it became quite a competition. I am not sure who was first but then it was naked, followed soon by full spreads, we guys all had our dicks out, and things progressed from there. We all ended up having sex with all three, amazing party.
For nearly a decade we swapped wives regularly, plus my wife and I began to pick up guys when on vacations. Her goal became to see if she could spot some nice looking guy and seduce him, and I managed to seduce few women, plus we also ran into other swingers from time to time.
Then as we got older, that all but stopped, now we are retired and last week we did a quick run to a local Indian casino. The wife got to talking to this older fellow, and after awhile she came to me and asked, "Can I?" It had been quite a few years, but this was cool. My 67 year old wife picked up a 50 year old male and took him back to our room and had some serious sex.
I didn't get to watch that one, I stayed and played the triple diamond machine, hit two triples and a red 7 for $1800. Back in the room, my wife described the whole thing. I asked he if she would ever want to do it any more, she grinned and told me he was coming back the next day after breakfast, and I could watch, which he did and I did. He was just normal size but he sure was hard, it's great to still be alive. I had thought that stage of our lives was over, guess not.

11 days ago

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