I’m completely obsessed with girls toes!!

I literally love feet and toes so much, honestly I masturbate to feet daily, I can go from start to finish just staring at some sexy close up toes on YouTube! No face tits or pussy, just toes!!

11 days ago

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    • We all have our things. Mine is very long, polished nails, preferably jet-red. The longer, the better, no limit. Started and continues with my hot older sister, who keeps hers very long, polished, sexy, and will do them in colors I want her to. Her long nails are our shared thing/fetish. I've even paid for tips for her and gotten them to 4". She loved it, felt so sexy, and I wouldn't let her do a thing with them. No box lifting, dishes, etc, to keep them so hot, long, and fuck-me red. By the time she had to trim them back a little for work, we had them at more than 4.5". I couldn't keep my hands or licking, tasting mouth off of them or her. Our goal was always at least 5 inches.

      Women I date have to have long, polished nails, or I'm not interested. If I talk to and pick up a woman at the sports bar, same thing. They have long, polished nails. Dated a hot biker chick one time, and hers were very long and jet-black, and she called them her raven's claws (her bike was "my bitch"). Was some of the wildest, exhausting sex I ever had. She used those raven's claws all over on me. Not going to lie, either. I've had female business clients who, if they had long or very long, polished nails, got a deal or other breaks from me. Did a meeting with one and she kept tapping her long, pink nails off of the table. I barely touched my coffee because I was so focused on her hot, pink nails.

    • Soles and toes turn me on! Also heels really turn me on! I love it when my wife is in shorts and barefoot. A rear view of her legs, calves, and nice smooth rounded heels turn me on and makes my cock rock hard! Makes make feel like jacking off and shooting a big load of creamy sperm!!! I love it!

    • Feet are amazingly sexy!!

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