Making Mom wear only one shoe

I always liked to see a woman or girl with only one shoe on. I suspect my kink started at school when a teacher or pupil took off one shoe.
But I also used to get aroused when I saw my Mom or one of her freinds with one shoe on.
I had this fantasy that Mom or one of her freinds would give me s piggyback while wearing a short skirt, pantyhose and a shoe on the right foot only.
This went on for years, a few times I would take one of Moms shoes off for a joke, she never minded it and would just go along with it.
One day in my late teens I was getting a lift home from Mom after a party in Moms new car
which was her first automatic. She was driving in pantyhose and only one shoe on her right foot, left shoe nowhere to be seen.
I had to ask why only one shoe Mom ? She said that having only driven manual cars before she found driving an auto strange. Her freind had suggested that she take off her left shoe, that way she would remember not to reach for the clutch.
I said that it was a good idea, but where is your other shoe ? I left it at home she replied it is only a short journey so I just hopped to the car to give it a try and I think this actually works, as I am not even thinking about the clutch. I think I will do this until I get used to the car.
I am thinking, wow, hope she never gets used to it.
When we arrived home it had started to rain and as Mom got out the car she asked me to do her a favour. I said sure Mom what is it ?
She said that she did not want to get her foot wet, so could I hold her shoeless foot out behind her while she hopped to the front door.
I was in amazement as she lifted her leg up behind her and held her left foot, as she hopped I let her foot rub against my jeans, this did not help my hard on but it was very sexy.
When we got indoors we went to the kitchen, Mom said I need a drink, do you fancy a night cap ? So she poured us a couple of large JDs and sat on the kitchen stool still in one shoe.
We were talking away about how nice her new car was, when I thought it is now or never to confess my fetish.
So I told her all about it, she replied I thought you had a one shoe thing as you were taking off on of my shoes quite often. Don't worry it is fine, I am glad you have told me, I do not mind and I actually like wearing only one shoe.
She said ok lets try the one shoe piggyback as she stood up, she said climb on my back and I will give you a ride around the house.
This was amazing, we still to this to this day. Mom still drives autos and always takes off her left shoe, she will always let me know when she has done it.

11 days ago

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    • So, "waiting for the other shoe to drop" isn't a thing for you ?

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