Some years back me and my wife worked for a old guy I would do all the odd jobs and my wife would work in side doing the housework . At first we both liked it but working and living on the premises was starting to take it's toll , Anyway we was always working for little money we was stuck in a rut really no way out , Then John the boss one day left some money on the side , Why I don't know what she was thinking but my wife picked it up , When she came back to her senses she took it back but it was too late John was standing there , She said sorry but he was not having it he said we was both sacked and we had to leave the accommodation he could not trust either one of us , We had nowhere to go we was stumped so I said we will have to try and keep are jobs and home some how ,The next day we both went to see john and pleaded with him to give us another chance , After a lot of talking he said yes he would give us a trial period if we do every thing he asks of us for a month , A couple days later john said he wanted my wife's measurementhome and shoe size for a uniform a couple more days past when he asked her to his office , He told my wife he wanted her to go home and shower shave herself and put the uniform on then come back with me , She did this she was dressed like a school girl when we got there he said you behave like a little girl now you look like one , John said you have to be punished and told my wife to go to him John pushed her over his desk then told me to hold her hands , Then he pulled her skirt up then pulled her knickers down he said your wife wanted to fuck me over , Now we will fuck her over he dropped his pants then shoved it in my wife he was rough pulling her hair slapping her ass he shot his load , Then he told me to fuck her hard after all you was nearly jobless and homeless thanks to her , when I came he told my wife to strip then walk by the window showing herself off then he said same time tomorrow

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