Shoe lover

When I was 4 years old went out with my mom to shop for some shoes at Payless when we were in the kids section the first pair of shoes that I grabbed wear a pair of canvas pink tennis shoes. My mom said no you're not getting those those are girls I Cry. My mom said you need to get white ones if you want canvas tennis shoes that I said okay but I'm getting them in girls mom said sure why not then she was looking at other girls shoes for a few minutes he looked at me she said I want to try these ones on you he put on a pair of patent leather Mary Jane and say wow you look so cute I'm buying them for you couple minutes later she found a nice pair of flats put them on my feet told me to walk around and see if they slipped off they did not the saleslady said ma'am those are girl shoes please take them off your boy putting back on the Shelf but I will have to let you go out the store and you won't be able to buy any my mom said I am a paying customer I could buy what I want for my son she said okay whatever. The sales manager came over she was a lady he looked at my mom and she said I know you're a paying customer and you could buy whatever you want for whoever you want but we are getting some customers that are getting kind of irate about you putting a girl shoes on a boy I don't have a problem with it she says I told though as long as he pays for tell my mom said yes I'm going to I'm getting him a couple of pairs she ended up buying me for pairs are girl shoes and two pairs of boys shoes. When I got home nobody was home I asked my mom if I could wear the girls shoes she said for a few minutes cuz I know your dad going to be coming home and he's not going to like them so we will I do so we did as I got older I kept buying more and more girls shoes and I love them at the age of 7 I told my mom no more boys shoes I'm going to start buying girl shoes only she said fine by me make sure they look more like boys shoes I said okay no problem so I did older and older as I got that's all I ever wore to this day I still only wear nothing but girls shoes high heels boots with heels any kind of boots that are flat. I also love Flats and sneakers with feminine colors always did and I have small feet my feet are in men's a 4 and 1/2 to a 6 and 1/2 and in women's I can fit anywhere from a 6 2 and 8 1/2 sometimes 9. I love it biggest shoe fetish I ever had and I don't think I will ever get rid of it my wife don't like it to this day but who cares I do and I'm being who I am myself and I enjoy it anything wrong with it.

1 month ago

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