Good Old Days

When I married my wife she was a bit older than me with long saggy tits and had a dark hairy bush. We screwed a lot but she wouldn't blow me. I asked her about what she thought about my cock and told me it was decent but not as big as her uncle's who she saw naked showering. I asked her if she would do a cock as big as her uncles. "Sure now that I'm much older. " I been trying to get her into wife swapping but she kind of rejected the idea. Her aunt was a thick older blondish-red hair woman loaded with freckles that covered her full breasted cleavage and I wouldn't mind having her blow me I told my wife.
Her aunt and uncle invited us over to their place on New Years eve. We all drank and ate the snacks. You could see the size of my wife's uncle's penis bulging in his pants because her aunt was teasing him a lot. I pointed it out to my wife and begged her to tease him by unbuttoning her top a bit exposing her pushed up saggy tit in her bra. Her aunt noticed my hard on and kissed me from behind grabbing and squeezing my dick while kissing me on the neck. She too gave a cleavage shot. My wife's uncle stepped behind my wife and squeezed her tits. Then his wife, my wife's aunt, blurted out that they swing and told us, "Let's turn this party to an adult party! "
We all craved each other and began taking our clothes off. Seeing my wife grabbing and tugging her uncles cock was hot! My wife told her aunt to blow me because that's was my fantasy. As her aunt was busy blowing me, I noticed my wife on her hands and knees taking her uncles big cock doggy-style and hearing her scream. I couldn't resist her aunt's freckled full-size jug and slapped them. It was a wild fun night.
While we was driving home my wife asked me if I was still interested in wife swapping and if I wanted to keep swapping with them. Her aunt was a good cock sucker and I love seeing and hearing my wife take that big cock. I answered back to my wife, "Hell yes! "

1 month ago

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    • Our good friends Bob and Lilly skinny dip with my wife Jill and I. Lilly doesn't have any filters and says how big my dick is. Jill says shush -- you'll give him a big head and Bob's dick is pretty big too. Lilly says too big for my mouth -- because I'd rather stick needles in eyes than put any dick in my mouth --- you seem to love it, she tells Jill. Jill agrees. So why don't you give my Bob a birthday blowjob, he never ever had one - feel so bad- make me feel good and suck his "pretty big" dick. It should be child's play after stuffing Bill big dick - no wonder you have big lips. She tells her if my Bill signs off -- I'll do it -- but you ask him.
      BTW -- I'm not hearing any of this, neither is Bob, till later. So Lilly pitches it to me. I say get out. I'm not allowing that -- That's crazy. BTW, Lilly is a cute chubby girl with big tits and ass. I used fuck her cousin, built the same way. She tells Lilly I'm porn star hard -- the best fuck ever. So now Lilly says I'll let you fuck me, our secret of course. You know you loved fucking my cousin, I'm better than her. Bob is going fishing next weekend -- you can have me the whole time, often. It's a win for Bob, a win for Jill, a win for you, add a big win win for me, said Lilly. I fucked her 6x. She's a once a month FWB -- She says I'm her fishing partner.

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