Aunt And Her Roommate

I love being with my aunt. Mom's nasty minded sister. I was seduced by her one afternoon in the bathroom. I didn't know she came in to use the toilet when I was showering. Then I heard her say, "Nice! Can I help?" I was masturbating my hard horny cock. I thought to myself caught in the act. "I'll show you something to look at to help you cum." and she exposed her tits to me. They wasn't very big but a nice handful size as she held them up showing her big nipples and huge areolas on them. " They're hot! " I said as as I continued to wack.
That night she secretly came in my room and dropped her robe exposing her body in her nightgown. Then she climbed on the bed pulled my cover off grabbed and began sucking my dick. She removed her nightgown letting me fondle and suck those mature hot tits. I held her down on the bed and banged her hard and deep. I liked the idea that my aunt is a MILF slut and enjoy looking at and fondling those tits of hers. We began screwing around when the right situation came along.
My aunt has an ebony roommate about the same age as her. The three of us went out to dinner. She keeps herself well dressed and keeps make-up on. Wears heels and crosses her legs often. My aunt left to use the powder room. Her roommate smiled at me and placed her hand on my leg. "According to your aunt you know how to bang a MILF. Want to do a black one? " Before I could answer, my aunt same back and said to me, " So do the three of us get satisfaction tonight? " smiling and sucking on a finger looking at me.
When we got back to the apartment my aunt and her roommate exposed each other's breasts, kissing each other while squeezing each other's breast. I pulled out my stiff dick and tugged on it while watching. They both smiled at me. My aunt's roommate didn't have hot tits like my aunt but she has a big hairy bush on her ebony body. My aunt gestured me to come over and started rubbing it across her roommates pubic hairs and slit. My aunt said to her roommate, "I told you I'll get BWC for you."
Before long we was all over each other in a bedroom. Her roommate had her mouth on my aunts nipples and huge areolas with her ass asking me do do doggy-style . Black pussy is just as good as white pussy. I held her hips as I slid my shaft into that black MILF slut. "I want that white cream pie drip out of me!" I gave her my sperm and she sat on my aunt's face twisting and pulling her black nipples. While my aunt played with her clit as she ate out her roommate.
After doing those two I want to do an orgy with my mom and them.

3 months ago

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