Stages of hardness

My husband cock is lovely, it’s a very nice size for me, my favourite cock firmness is 3/4 firm and when it’s just starting to grow.
My least favourite is when he is rock hard, it doesn’t feel comfortable inside me it’s like it’s to hard.
With it’s 3/4 hard it’s more flexible and smoother going inside me, he takes longer strokes and my pussy grips and I can feel his true size.
When it’s very hard just seems only one think he can do with it, go harder and faster.
My absolute favourite is when his cock is just the right firmness it feels very heavy in my hand, because it’s not hard hard it droops a bit towards the end.

24 days ago

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    • That’s EXACTLY how I like my boyfriend! His dick is huge and it’s almost impossible to suck when he’s completely hard and it hurts more when he fucks when he’s totally hard. When he’s like 1/2 to 3/4’s hard it’s PERFECT for sucking and fucking. When he’s half hard, his dick bends in my throat and it feels sexy. When it’s hard, I can barely suck the head and an inch or two but it’s like trying to suck a rolling pin!

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