Drunk wife and cousin

I got my wife and her cousin drunk one night (I was pretty drunk too).

My wife went to bed, her cousin passed out on the couch and I took advantage of that to rub her body while she slept. I rubbed her ass and tits, fingered her a tiny little bit (didn't go far in) and rubbed and sucked on her nipples.

I figured I could blame it on the booze. My wife almost caught me when she got up to pee.

Anyway, i used her cousin's hands to rub my dick and I rubbed it between her luscious lips. I almost came all over her face...

After sobering up I started feeling bad...

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  • My cousin is a guy, my bf, him and I get drunk together, and it always ends with me getting DP’d. She should just be happy you didn’t cum in her.

  • Good for you I do it all the time with my wife and her friend. My wife gets very drunk and is an extremely happy one then after about four hours she is done, out like a light. I love to play with her when she is passed out and she does not care at all waking up with a sticky face or a wet spot under her. One night though both of them got just passed out drunk and a few times the friends breasts had slipped out of her top. I got them both to bed and stripped the friend down to naked then pulled a t-shirt over her so she thought that she had changed. I played with her for a good hour then went and played with my wife for my orgasm. Her friend never even seemed fazed about it in the morning and is always over at our house having fun, I just like to picture her naked with her legs spread wide and me licking her while I held her breasts, awesome memories.

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