My stepdaughter is 34 years old and loves going naked. I have seen her naked so many times it's normal for me. She lives with me and her mother on and off because she has a hard time keeping a job. I don't mind because she's cute, and like I said, she runs around naked all the time.

So a few nights ago I was watching TV. It was late and my wife had gone to bed hours before. I was sitting on the couch when my stepdaughter came down stark naked. I could see she was half asleep as she laid down on the couch and dropped her legs up on my lap. Maybe she didn't realize I was sitting there, or maybe she did and wanted me to see her pussy, who knows.

He legs were partially open. She shaves bald and her outer vagina lips are very small. So I could she her clit poking out. I've seen her naked many times, but never to this extent. I could feel my dick getting hard as I looked to make sure my wife hadn't gotten up. I reached over and lightly rubbed her clit. She moaned as if to say she liked it. I rubbed her a little more. She was clearly wet and with no effort, I pushed a couple fingers in her. She arched her back and bit her lower lip. I kept fingering her until she had a small orgasm. A little while later she got up and went back to bed. The next day she never said anything about. So I don't know if she thinks it was a dream or if she knows what happened and liked it.

17 days ago

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    • 34? Ewww is she like your grandmother

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